Wednesday QOTD

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Wednesday QOTD

Give us a little blurb about you when you were, say, 5 years old.

I was super dainty appearance wise...always wanting to be in skirts or dresses with long blonde hair...I liked dolls but preferred things like lego and building forts...and I was painfully shy with most people unless I knew them super well. Even then I was not talkative or anything. (A lot of that was cuz my dad was a scary jerk though)....I loved anything to do with school and so I soon became teacher's pet. lol

Your turn!:D

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Oldest child with red hair. That should give you an idea as to my attitude. I was the youngest in 1st grade and insisted on everything being just so. I never liked dolls but I also didn't like to be dirty. According to family, I would hold school for my toys and was apparently very strict.

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only child, but I had 2 best friends that lived across the street (Tom and Susan). Susan is 3 days older then me and Tom's about a year older then us both.

We were the three musketeers and would most likely be in the park behind their houses if we were outside.

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I was the shyest child my kindergarten teacher had ever met. I loved the color blue and my favorite dress had angel sleeves (as I called them) and flower buttons. I was still an only child and I loved Golden Grahams more than any other food in the world.

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I was very quite and loved school. I enjoyed going away with my parents in the summer to various places.

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Ha Nancy... how's this for similarities?

At 5 I was the oldest child and only redhead in my entire family. I was the youngest person in kindergarten and very prideful about my general knowledge. I did not like busy work and would scribble through it so I could go play. As a result I did every assignment 3 times (literally). I wore dresses and skirts, but I was a very big tomboy. I did not mind getting dirty. I generally was the snowiest of the girls AND boys coming in at recess time. I did not like dolls (except Jessie who I slept with). I was too smart for my own good. This was the age my mom caught me climbing the birch tree in the backyard, in a skirt, and rollarskates. (I still maintain it was a brilliant idea because the wheels fit on either side of the branch and that way I couldn't slip and fall because the wheels were a guard). I liked to play school at home and was very strict with my brother and friends when we played. I was loud and bossy, except at church. The old folks at church thought I was polite and very well mannered for my age. My parents threatened me within an inch of my life if I wasn't. LOL

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These are funny to read!

I was the youngest of 5 kids. I LOVED my big brother and cousin and thought the world revolved around them. I always wore my "Sadie" hat and we rode our bikes everywhere. I was a total tomboy, HATED dresses, or anything girly. I liked shotting my bebe gun at old cans and we built forts all time. I loved school.

Oh how I miss those days.

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I was a tomboy too! Loved playing outside, hide-n-seek in the dark, building forts, taking nature hikes, etc just as long as it was outside with my sis and bro. WE were all so close in age that we were eachother's only and best friends.

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I was a tomboy and a girly girl all wrapped into one. I had two younger brothers and kicked their butts daily and would play with their toys and wrestle. I also loved everything pink, dresses, and my dolls. I was very outgoing at that age and wouldn't hesitate to start up a conversation with anyone.