Week of Firsts (Pictures) OT and XP

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Week of Firsts (Pictures) OT and XP

On my birth board I posted a ton of pictures of Katie and thought you might be interested.

Here's a couple of Caleb and Anna too.

Caleb lost his first tooth yesterday. His adult tooth is already in. How is my "baby" losing baby teeth at 6? Sigh.

Anna decided one day to put on every piece of jewelery she owns. Too cute!

And because I've been getting asked this A LOT in real life again lately... Caleb is 6 and Anna is 4. No, they're not twins. LOL

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omg, that "firsts" thread was so neat of you to put together. What a big week for her! I love the fondue heaven and getting under the side table. Biggrin All of them are great...oh and the paper robots!!!! So fun! I'm storing that idea for later. TFS!

Sigh, our babies grow up too fast. Caleb looks so cute with his missing tooth! Smile

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I'd like to take credit, but really I was just adding them to the computer and realized that there were a lot of firsts that we caught on camera this week. It seems to go that way- lots to photograph all at once and then a dry spell. Smile I can't believe how independent Katie is getting- she's only 15 months!

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Wow!! How cool!!

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wow! what a great week of firsts! i love the paper bag pictures. what a great idea.

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so cute, I love the pic of her getting back down Smile

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Very cute! Kids should stay little longer I think...instead of us being old longer Lol And for the record...its better that you get the "are your kids twins" question than the "are you pregnant" question Wink I get that one alot and its VERY offensive! Nope just poofy in the tummy area Lol

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They are so cute. I love that she put on all of that jewelry!

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I am loving the firsts! that is great!!!! the robot is my favorite, that alone would make such a great layout!!!!! I just love when the siblings start to include the youngest. it was so neat when Natalie started being included in their games, so I know how your heart must have felt with your littlest robot. and the ice cream is great!

Jordan lost her first tooth at just over 5 ... it happens so fast! (Andrew was 6 before he lost his first, so different!)

And I love Anna and her necklaces. Smile they don't seem like twins to me, Caleb does seem older. but people are funny when they assume twins of siblings who are kind of close in age.

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I get "are they twins" a lot too with my stepsons. Nope. They are 15 months apart and they have different fathers. That generally shuts people up.

Your kids are so cute.

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Gwen- you're right- it does just melt the heart. Like yesterday, I took Katie with me to get Caleb from school. She wanted to walk so I let her walk up the front sidewalk. Caleb comes out of the school and gets this proud papa sort of grin on his face when he sees Katie walking around and runs up to her to tickle her and say "Oh look at my little monkey". He then took her hand and walked her around, introducing her to his teacher and classmates and saying "Look at how well she walks now". He was beaming the entire time as if it was his own kid.

Now I'm not a teary type, but how do you not get emotional over something like that?