This weekend - chat thread

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This weekend - chat thread

What is everyone doing this weekend? Anything fun? Plan to get anything done?

I will be painting our rental house. We have been working on painting the entire interior so that we can get it rented out. I'm praying that this is the last weekend. Of course I won't get any scrapping done unless I do some on Sunday night, Sad

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Well, I'm getting my hair highlighted tonight. I'll feel like a new woman then. Wink And I want to run to Jo-Ann's after that for some material for some sewing projects (my poor scrapbooks are taking a back seat!).

Tomorrow I have to take Andrew to soccer at 8:30 am (I think a coffee run first is in order) then he has team pictures. He has a birthday party at 11, but DH is taking him to that so I'm hanging with the girls. It's supposed to be BEAUTIFUL here, so I need to do something nice with them outside. It's hard because I have this sewing bug and that's what I want to do. Crazy, huh? Sunday is just the planned church morning and then whatever for the rest of the day, I have no idea. Actually, I think I'm taking Jordan to the movies for staying in her bed all week with dry panties to boot (she just night trained this month, meanwhile Andrew's had 4 night accidents in a week, good grief!)

So that's my weekend in a nutshell ...

Stephanie - have fun painting. We have two rental houses, and we've paid to have them painted last go around because it's so time consuming. Hope you get it all done fast!

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Well, I'm finishing up the invites and putting them in the mail. I was waiting because I had put a bid on a reception hall to have his party but it was already booked. Sad So now I have to have 2 parties and not the way I wanted them. It will be okay I guess. I just really didn't want to have to depend on weather. I have a t-ball game tonight and then another Saturday morning. (It's my friend's kid.) Then there are Earth Day festivities that sound like fun Saturday afternoon. Saturday night is a cookout. Sunday is DH's company picnic so that will take all day. I am freaking out. My weekend is completely booked and I've been working every other day so I am starting to get behind in my party decorations. Good news though, I picked up a job watching 2 kids on Fridays for $100 a week so that really helps with finances and maybe I can get T.J. both big presents I wanted to get him for his birthday. A tricycle and a wagon!

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The weather is really beautiful today and should be tomorrow as well. I am planning to go to the ocean front tomorrow with my friend and her kids (with my little one as well) so we can enjoy the gorgeous weather and not have to worry about all the vacationers being in the way. Smile That's about it.

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I will be working tomorrow (barf), and then Sunday is church in the morning and lunch with the in-laws - the usual.

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Dh & I are going out to eat tonight! I've been in the mood for a good chicken & rice fajita!
We also are making a trip to a natural food store to find some things to cure my uti. Hopefully Lol

I do need to go to Target to find a gift for my cousin who's having his 1st birthday party next weekend. And I need to find a gift for a friend's upcoming bridal shower.

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Let's see- today we ran into the city to pick up some gifts for Randall's b-day and my sister's b-day party tomorrow. We also make a trip to Hobby Lobby where I picked up 4 new sheets of paper and some ribbon. I wanted to use some different colors. We are home now, so I am anxious to scrap, but I have to wait until tonight. We have a ball game to go to at 7, so maybe, just maybe I can get something done!

Tomorrow we are having Randall's and my sister's b-day party at our house. We are going to cookout and I am thrilled b/c it's supposed to be nice. Hopefully it will be.

Sunday we have church service in the morning and evening. We usually take a nap in between!

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Tuesday is our anniversary and we were suppose to go out tonight but we were sick this past week, so we've put it on the back burner for another weekend or so. Tomorrow I have to work, sunday I hope I can scrap. Not too much going on this weekend.

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Can you believe it is snowing here today?! It won't stick, but sure is wierd.

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We have a very busy weekend ahead. I have WW in the morning followed by grocery shopping. Then I have to come home and put another coat of paint on the bathroom. Then we are off to my son's Grand March for Prom. Sunday I will have to put another coat of paint on the bathroom and get laundry done to go back to work on Monday.

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Let's see well I consider the weekend starting today (fridays are fun) so had a dr's appt this morning.... then do some cleaning and organizing and sorting through things (trying to sort through things so we can get rid of or yard sale what we dont want before we move again in ~6mo). Then took ds on a walk to the park/playground. Play time. Give ds a bath tonight. Then personal time to do dishes, bills etc. Saturday we go to my parents do some errands up there, laundry, have fun outside and enjoy the glorious day. Visit w my grandma (we only see her 1x maybe 2x a year). Then sunday is the usual church, bkfast, relax... not sure what else yet. Oh yeah and visiting w my best friend is on sat as well (it's her bday sun)

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No plans this weekend! Jamie had his 12 month well baby appointment today and now the rest of the weekend is free. I plan to clean tomorrow early and after that I will be scrapping! woohoo.

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Tonight we went out to eat a pizza place similiar to Chuck E Cheese. The kids had a lot of fun. After we went to Dairy Queen for dessert.

Tomorrow dh has to work from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. so that stinks. Brooklyn has gymnastics in the morning so I will have to take both boys with me, fun fun. Who knows what we will do the rest of the morning/afternoon but dh and I are going out on a date night. He did some work on a family from church's house and they bought him a gift certificate to a restaraunt and also the movie theater! She also told us that she would babysit for us so we don't have to find a sitter, we are so excited!

Sunday is church in the morning and we have no idea what we will do the rest of the day, maybe something fun with the kids or more than likely just come home and nap. LOL

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I just got back from CA! So tired and am trying to catch up on posts! Great pages ladies!!! I hope to get scrapping sooooon!!! Biggrin We had the BEST time in CA visiting my grandfather. he lives in LA area.

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We'll be busy this weekend. DH leaves for about a monthish for a trip with the Navy on Monday. DD and I leave next weekend to go back home to my parents while DH is gone. I won't be able to scrap while we are gone, but I hope to have lots of good pictures. hehe

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I just saw this thread right now...after the weekend, lol. But I like the idea of a chat thread. So I wanted to ask if you ladies got everything accomplished that you planned to do?

I spent my weekend working on my landscaping. We just bought this house, last Sept. And the previous owners had an obsession with bushes, so we are digging them out and filling having to kill all the spiders that lived in them...ewww YUCK!

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Did everything I was supposed to do, nothing that I needed to do. So much to do before his birthday and there is NO TIME!

Jenn- I feel ya on the bushes. We too are currently trying to dig up bushes that the previous tenant planted. Now that we are having the party at the house I have 1000 more things added to the list like finish removing the bushes and weeds, mulching, weeding, cleaning, minor repair, etc., etc.

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Charys, you are home? Welcome back! I sent you a PM because I thought you were still gone Lol Time flys!

We finally finished painting the upstairs of our rental, but there is still the basement to paint. We saved over $3000 by painting the main area of the house ourself, but we are requesting an estimate for painting the basement to see if it is still worth doing it ourselves.

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Well we got through prom as planned but I didn't even touch the painting in the bathroom. I had a major scrapping bug and it took over.

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We had a busy weekend!

Friday we picked Bruce up at the airport--we hadn't seen him in 10 days because of overlapping trips and we met him inside of the airport--SO fun! Then I went to work for 5 or 6 hours while the boys went off to run errands (I usually take P with me so it was kinda nice to be there as just me!). I had a last-minute invite to scrap with a friend at our local shop that evening and they actually had space for us (it has been sold out all of the time lately) so I did that on Friday night from 8p-12a (though I was late because our dog was sick :(). I finished the last LO (two pages) of the book I've been trying to complete and now I just have to do the very last page of the book (but I haven't decided what I want that to be LOL). It was great to scrap for the first time in a couple of months and catch up with my friend and the nice ladies at the shop Biggrin

Saturday we had to do an emergency trip to the vet for our pup but he is fine now *whew* Then we met a visiting friend from NH for an afternoon picnic and stopped at Ikea on the way home because it's also on that side of town (I LOVE Ikea!).

Sunday we attended a birthday party, shopped for Bruce, went to a family swim where P takes lessons and then out to dinner. I was so tired that I fell asleep with P at 8:30pm LOL Slept until 7:30a this morning--what a treat!!

Tonight I will be doing laundry and cleaning and all of the other life maintenance we had no time for over the weekend :rolleyes: Need to take some pictures of the book I am finishing and get those posted. I need help wrapping this one up!!