Weekend craftiness-a little OT (pic heavy)

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Weekend craftiness-a little OT (pic heavy)

I know this is not really scrapbooking, but I've been busy making little exchange gifts ($5 and under)....

I made three more mugs. They are for Kayson's grandpa and grandma (Pawdad and Mernie) and my girlfriend Carrie. I totally forgot to post pics of the step-by-step instructions while doing these...sorry Tia. I'm out of my Armour Etch too, because I made a big platter that I didn't get a pic of yet and that took up a lot of my Armour Etch. So I'll order more and post instructions when I get it in.

they are identical to Kayson and Cohen's....name on front, reindeer on back.

And these are two mini photo albums. I just altered the fronts.

I needed to bring a couple homemade-under-$5-gifts to a party this next weekend, so I figured these would be good. No one else scrapbooks, so they can just put their photos in them.

And three pairs of shoes for Cohen. It's funny because I've made tons of these shoes and these are actually the first pairs that will go to my child. LOL It was pretty neat sewing them thinking of that.

these are tiny. I had to kind of eyeball them to get the pattern much smaller. They didn't turn out perfect, so I'll be taking the pattern to work and reducing it on the copier and making more that way.

but they should fit him within the first month. They have pale yellow bottoms.

my favorite pair. Smile

and the bottoms are red

and the bottoms

It's so hard finding fat quarters of fabric in tiny BOY patterns. They have TONS of girly stuff but never boy stuff. I'm going to look online for more boy patterns because I want to sew 9 pairs before Cohen gets here.


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Those are the cutest shoes ever! OMG I love them and I agree about boy fabric. I say that a lot.

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Those shoes are adorable! I have made a couple of pairs before.
Maybe I should try to squeeze making some for our baby into the next 5 weeks too;)

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terrific stuff Smile I especially love the sock monkey shoes. can't wait to see a pic of him in them Smile

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Awesome job on the shoes! Cohen has WAY more shoes then Baby J at this point. He only has one pair of hand-me-down boots. LOL

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Ahh, you amaze me!!! Why 9 pairs? One for every month for his first year? I love the sock monkeys!! So cute. I agree, it's so hard to find cute boy anything! LOL

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the mugs look nice. Smile and I am loving the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the buttons are so cute, just a perfect touch. I haven't sewed any of these since I sewed some for Erin early this year. I can't imagine making them smaller than the pattern, that's a challenge! but I'm thinking you did a great job!

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I love those mugs Charys. They are so sweet!! And I've always loved your shoes. DARLING!!!

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adorable shoes for the babe!!!!! and those altered books are a great idea for grab gifts!!

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Well you know I loved the mugs since I went out last night after I talked to you and bought all the stuff I needed to make some. I totally messed up my first mug, which ended up being cracked anyways, and third one dripped over the vinyl, but I think I'm going to cover it up with a flower from George.

And I am loving that material that looks like tape meausres. Soooo seriously cute. I want a whole outfit made of that.

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You've been busy! Love the shoes Smile