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Weekend QOTD

What is the hardest thing for you to scrap?

For me it's probably things that fit into a category, like birthdays, Christmas, etc....I find I do much better when it's some goofy picture of Wayne and I or some old school pics from when we were kids that I can come up with my own take on the page.
Ironically today I am doing a couple bday pics of Wayne from last year so we'll see how that turns out. But his birthday is in a couple weeks agani so I figured it was about time. lol

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definitely Christmas

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Birthday. I never seem to enough good pics but I don't want to leave anything out.

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Christmas. When youre taking 200 photos plus, it's hard to figure out which ones are the best and I can never find the right paper for it.

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I have a hard time with trips we take. I tend to take so many pics b/c I don't want to pass on the opportunity and then I'm overwhelmed to scrap them all.

My friend only prints pics as she uses them. She saves the rest from trips. I always get them all developed b/c I just feel like I need a hard copy of them. I should really start to go through them more closely and only print a few from each place we visit though.

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the really important things like Christmas. I'm just so afraid I won't do it well.

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i have a hard time with themes as well. I tend to not do it.

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Themes, exactly what Liz said. If it's anything like Christmas, Easter, any holidays including b-days, it's hard for me to scrap. I love to just do the simple ones.

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As with the others', by far my hardest is events....like Christmas. Too much randomness and too many photos to sort through. (plus it's hard for me to pick papers when everyone is wearing different colors, etc.) I've started doing mini-albums for things like Thanksgiving and Christmas for this exact reason.

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Anything other than Kaitlyn lol I have so many pages I'd like to do of our wedding, etc, but I keep doing Kaitlyn pages just because she's so darn cute Wink

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I agree with everyone else. I realize holidays are an essential part in our lives, but it's been more fun to do random photos, events using the challenges. I've been bad with taking pictures of most holidays (birthday and Christmas the exception) that I've taken to combining holidays in our albums (i.e. St. patrick and Easter).