This weeks layouts

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This weeks layouts

This one is kind of basic, but whatcha gonna do with a 1 page layout with 17 pictures LOL. I have the pictures to do Allie's page like this too ( not the same exactly, but her layout with everyones pics with her). I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow.

and this box is for my SIL. I saw one here and loved it, so I had dh help me make it with SCAL. I love the little girl stamp on hers more than my flower, but I am not buying any supplies right now, digital or paper, so the flower will have to do WinkBlum 3

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Love them!

I especially like how you have all the pics on the worth the wait page and I love the your baby sister page I may have to do one of those for N

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Adorable! I can't believe you got so many pictures on one page! I have a hard time with only two! LOL! The big Sister page is so so cute. I love how Jamie is pointing to her in 2 of the pics! He must be so proud!

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I love your version of the box! It's great Smile And terrific pages too. Biggrin

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i love the 1st one! it went right into my scraplift folder! Lol i cant believe you fit so many pics on one page..AMAZING!!

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oh my goodness...that "worth the wait" is so nice. I love how you used so many pictures but kept it looking clean and organized. awesome work on that ladybug box too!

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I agree with the others, the worth the wait page is amazing! So many pics, must have taken forever.

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Wow Angie, your style is amazing! Love all these pages and the ladybug. TFS

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I love the "worth the wait" page as well! It doesn't look clutter and it just looks great!

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Thanks for the comments everyone. I appreciate them! I finished Allie's layout today so figured I would add it to this set instead of waiting until next weeks.

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love them all!! and Allie's new page rocks!!!!! great work! amazing that you got so much done with a newborn and little guy.

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Great pages, all of them. I really love the photo where your ds is upside down kissing his sister, that's awesome!