This week's new pages :)

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This week's new pages :)

I figured I'd not bombard you all in a month or two when I remember to post them again lol I did a few pages this week ... ok, a bit more than a few ... I scrapped a lot. I'm glad to have my laptop back lol I'm so excited to go to Vegas, too - we leave a week from tomorrow (Friday).

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Great LOs

I especially love the cutest pumpkin in the whole patch one, everything about the play all day one and the colors in fun tons of fun

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great work!!! i just love the fall ones.... and the cutest pumpkin one is just too adorable!!!

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Trina! Love these! The tons of fun is my favorite, but I adore the baby pumpkin one.

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Very cute! Smile

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You are soooo lucky you get to scrap, go to Vegas, etc....lucky, lucky, lucky! LOL Love all these too TFS