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This week's pages

Sitting here waiting for people to show up for my bday party (hopefully they'll come even though a couple said they may not because of the roads - but they seem to be better today). Realized I hadn't shared my newest pages Smile

I can't remember if I'd shared these ones -

My friend's little girls

TFL! Off to par-tay! Smile

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Those are all SUPER cute! What program do you use?

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those are great. I want to steal the one that says not perfect! lol.. its so cute. I love all of these.

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I love your work. I end up scraplifting half of what you do onto paper. Smile Several of the above are in my scraplift Folder.

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I also love the 'not perfect' one. They are all adorable!

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love them all, as always! I like the touch of green in the perfect page! Hope you're having fun at your party!

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i love them all!! they are so awesome!

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Great job, they are all so cute!

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I love the second one! Definitely going in the lift folder Smile Your work is fabulous as usual Smile

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"imuneek22" wrote:

Those are all SUPER cute! What program do you use?

I use Photoshop CS2 Smile Thanks!

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very cute. I like the first one!

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I haven't seen the first three, the others I have. These new ones are so great. I too love that second one and want to try to recreate it onto paper myself...or lift it I mean. Smile The third one is so beautiful too. Great job Trina!