Welcome new hosts and a thank you

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Welcome new hosts and a thank you

Hi everyone!

Please join me in welcoming your newest hosts: Trina (slurpeegirl13) and Carrie (K9Trainer)! They will be joining Gwen to make a great team to serve your board!

I also want to take this opportunity to offer a very special thanks to both Stephanie (mommys) and Charys (MommyCB) for all that they have done to make this board special. I do hope that they will continue to participate when they are able as I'm certain they will be missed!

Thanks again to all of you and Gwen for continuing to pour in all of your efforts. ALL of you here have some fabulous ideas and are certain to inspire many of us throughout the site.

Take care,


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Yay, congrats and thanks ladies!

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Thanks for stepping in, ladies. I'm glad that some familiar faces will be taking over. Sorry that Steph and Charys will be stepping down, but I know we'll still see them (right???)

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Thanks for all you did, Charys and Stephanie; and thanks for being our mods Gwen, Carrie, and Trina.

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aww yay! ive liked every single mod so far on this board! you all are some amazing ladies!! does this mean Trina has to post even more LOs because i love looking at her pages! Wink

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Thanks, ladies! All 5 of you!! Biggrin I really appreciate all of the work you have done (and will do). Love this board!!!!!

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Congratulations Carrie and Trina!! And thanks so much to Charys, Stephanie, and Gwen!!!

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congrats Trina and Carrie!!

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Yay Carrie and Trina!!!!

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Thanks guys!! I have big shoes to fill, and promise to try my hardest!! Smile

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Charys and Steph great work as Mods and you better keep posting your fab work!

Welcome to the world of Mod's Trina and Carrie!

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congrats Carrie and Trina! And thank you to all 5 of you for all the work you have put in and or will put in! Biggrin

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Thanks guys! We have some amazing shoes to fill Smile

And Ashley - I can *try* to make more pages, although heaven knows I already post way too much! lol

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WELCOME Trina and Carrie!!! I know you guys are going to do an amazing job and continue the awesomeness of this board!!! It's because we have the bestest members ever!!! Smile

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whoo hoo!

Missy, thanks for working so fast on this one!

And Trina & Carrie, so happy to have you aboard the mod team on this board. Smile

Charys & Stephanie - glad you're still around, definitely will miss your names at the bottom of the board. Wink

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Congrats on joining the mod team. Smile

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What wonderful choices... if we HAVE to accept a management change, at least it's with great people. Smile

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I'm so excited for the new mods. You are both awesome and will make a great team with Gwen.

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WELCOME Carrie & Trina! You ladies will do a fantastic job! Biggrin

Charys & Stephanie- we love ya!

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Congrats girls!!! I'm sure you will do a great job Smile

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Congrats Trina and Carrie, I know you will both do a great job!