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Thread: Well, here goes!

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    Default Well, here goes!

    Okay, I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to learn. I've never worked in photoshop until a couple of days ago, and haven't paper scrapped in ages, but here is my first try at something...should I be on the digital editing board?

    Anyway, this is my first go at an invite:

    This isn't the picture I want to use (haven't had them made yet, and it will be in color, I think) -

    Also, I need to download some more scrapbooking elements...how can I border my picture with something? Do I have to find that element in a kit?

    Trina, I read about you doing shadows or something...would that help the picture look like it isn't just plopped there?

    Okay, give me some advice ladies...seriously, what can I do to make it look nicer?

    Oh yeah, and the stuff I used was from a free Shabby Princess - Festival dowload.

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    hey thats pretty good for your first time using photoshop here is a list of tutorials that have to do with digital scrapbooking! I am always going back to find something there. It's great!

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    That is GREAT!!! I love it! I would actually keep the pic in B&W to make the color and the pic stand out more on their own.

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    WOW! I think it looks great!!! What a great invite, I love the colors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spottedjagiwar View Post
    That is GREAT!!! I love it! I would actually keep the pic in B&W to make the color and the pic stand out more on their own.
    I agree! A B&W would make the colors pop! CUTE! I'm no help with digital, but had to say you picked a cute font and quote.
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    Great invite! I love it just as is...

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    I think it really good girl. I am no help with digital either, but there are plenty of ladies here that can do just that. GL
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    pickle in middle


    Adding a drop shadow on the flower element and the picture would help make it look more like it wa made out of paper. It helps tons!

    I'd like to see how it looks with the swirly flowers all the way across the bottom.

    I don't really think that you would need to add a border arond the picture, if you add the drop shadow it will give it some dimension. In PSE 5 they have borders in the program that you can pick from or some digi kits have different types of borders.

    That's all I have for now. I'm sure others can give you better tips.

    I think it looks great for your first try though! Way better than mine

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    I think it's great- and you can try the digital editing board, but there are lots of digital girls here who do more of the scrapbooking end than just editing photos, if that makes sense?

    And yes, drop shadows give the page dimension, so it looks more like a paper page. I put drop shadows on almost everything (except text and things I want to appear flat). If you want to do just a basic shadow until you learn more, double click on the layer in the layer's palette, and the first box on the left should say 'drop shadow' - click that and you'll have a shadow! There are settings you can play with, but until you get used to it, you can just use the standard (I still use the standard a lot).

    I agree with Lena, I'd love to see the flowers all the way across the bottom (just right click on the layer, hit 'duplicate layer' and then move it, as many times as need be so you don't have to open the element file again).

    If you want to do a border/matte without it being in a kit, try double-clicking on that layer in the layer's palette. On the left side go to 'stroke'. Check-mark it, and go to the settings to change color, width, etc - it'll put a border around your photo.

    If none of that makes sense let me know and I'll do some screen shots.

    As for getting more scrapbooking elements - try out the freebies in the sticky on this board - but beware, downloading freebies is addicting! This bog: http://ikeagoddess.blogspot.com/ features some of the best freebies every day.
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