went completely card crazy- VERY pic heavy

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went completely card crazy- VERY pic heavy

For my Grandma ....she's the sweetest little lady....who doesn't need much apart from stationary since she's always sending cards to people from church (and friends she has all over the globe) and writing letters.....Wayne and I opted to make her a big sets of cards for her Christmas present Smile He bought the materials (and we had lots already) and he helped pick what papers and bible verses and such, and I put them all together. It's been a blast. TFL! Oh and the reason I didn't put anything 3D on them at all is cuz they would cost more for her to mail each time.

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You've gone card crazy, and it's great! Love them all, I would love to receive any of them!

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Wow! You have gone card crazy Smile That is so sweet of you to do. My meme is the same way. She sends cards and notes for EVERYTHING and she really appreciated the cards I made her so I know yours will do the same!

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Very nice! Each one has such a special touch to it.

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What a great idea for a gift! She will certianly love it! My faves are #3 and 4!

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Thank you. We are leaving on Boxing Day to go see family so my Grandma will get them then. I went to wrap them tonight and thought "I've nothing else to do...why not make some more before wrapping them up"....so far I've done 5 more. And I'm sure tomorrow will be the same Lol

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Karen,those are fabulous!! TFS

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Wow, I bet your grandma cries when she sees all those cards! What a sweet present! And I bet that took you so long to do. Very kind of you Karen!!!!

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The black cross and the "A Good Friend" are the ones that stood out to me, but I like them all. Great gift idea!

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