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    Default Were back...

    We just got back. What a long and exciting day. We had to drive all the way to IL which is 2 1/2 hours away from where we live. Well it turned out there were about 30 girls that they were fitting for outfits.( The ones that match the dolls) Jasmin tried on a beautiful ball gown type dress and they took her picture to see how the fit was. They said the dress looked great on her so I hope that means she will get the job. ( fingers crossed ) They did give me a list of 20 dates and asked me to circle the ones we would be available for so I think that sounds good right? The dress was a valentines dress by the way. I also asked when here pics were going up in the store and they told me American Doll is opening up a new store end of Sept beginning of Oct and the pics will go up then. The second it opens we are going and I will post the pics asap! Oh and Kohl's called today they booked her again for Friday. Talk about a busy little girl.

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    She is a busy girl. That's good though. Sounds like she enjoys it too! I hope she gets the AG gig!
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    If she enjoys it as much as it seems she does than more power to you guys!!
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    These are memories she'll keep with her for the rest of her life. They will give her confidence to do whatever she dreams. I'm happy for you and her. Hopefully she'll get the American Girl shoot!
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