We're home :)

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We're home :)

Hi everyone Biggrin We're home safe and sound. Took a good 20 hours between flying, ferry ride, car rides, and a WHOLE lot of waiting around. lol. Thank goodness we had each other to keep entertained!

Thanks for all the messages about my dad. I really appreciate that. No word on what happened or what's going to happen. They first thought heart attack but now they aren't sure. Lots more tests to be done. I'm doing okay. Trying to be there for my siblings most of all. Thank you though :bigarmhug:

Just seen Sarah has posted about our meetup Biggrin She is SO awesome, as you all already know. So is Scott...and Lyric is so stinkin' cute! They'll have to come to Canada for a visit next Wink We missed them the day after we met up with them! lol. I will post the few pics I got (crappy camera) right on to her post at some point today. A lot are similar anyway Smile

We got to our house last night around around 8pm. That was 4am UK time and we hadn't slept so we were pretty out of it. We crashed really hard and then were up at 6:30 this morning! Oh well...at least we can have another early night tonight and then be right and refreshed for our daycare kids who we have back tomorrow morning. We really missed them!

Anyway today is really about getting laundry and grocery shopping done... and relaxing on the couch lol. But after tomorrow I should be back on here as usual Biggrin Looking forward to getting some pics developed this week and scrapping! It's been too long!!

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Glad you're back Karen! Good thing you have a day to recoop before tomorrow. I'm sure the kids missed you guys like crazy too!! Again, so sorry to hear about your dad.

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Welcome back Karen!! I bet it feels great to be home. I'm sure the kiddos missed you guys like crazy!

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Hey you! Biggrin Glad you're home safely. The first time we get to go to Canada i'd like to see you try and keep me away!

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Glad to hear you had a nice trip and are home safe and sound Karen. I really enjoyed seeing your meetup pictures. Rest up girl!

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Welcome back!!! Good luck getting settled back in. And I hope you get some answers about your dad, again, so sorry about him.

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Wow, I bet you are exhausted! Rest up! We're just glad you're back! The board isn't the same without you. Smile So glad you had a great time with Scott, Sarah and Lyric too!!!

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Glad you home safe and sound!

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Glad you made it home safely!

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missed you Karen so glad your back and I know all the kids missed you also!

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Welcome back Karen. Theres something wonderful about traveling abroad but coming home is the best, except for the traveling time.