We're OK!

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We're OK!

Thanks girls! We are just fine. Our power came back on this afternoon. Our home and neighborhood did not sustain damage. We were about 3/4 a mile away from the path. My school community has had many homes completely destroyed. By the grace of GOD, no losses in my school community. Several of my students have lost their homes entirely though. I have a few teacher friends that have also lost everything. We've been over all day in the community assisting in any small way that we can.

Please pray for these families. They have rough days ahead.

Sorry I've been away from the boards. Lots going on but I'll update on that later. Just worn out right now and I'm doing laundry for one of my student's family that have lost their homes. They were only able to salvage very little and find a few articles of clothing in the debris.

I will say I've never been so proud of the good christian people in our city that offering help all around. Just keep those who have suffered a loss in your prayers.

Thanks for thinking of us!

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Thank God you are okay Kelly! I've been checking all day hoping to hear something! I will add all of you and your community to my prayers and will be waiting to hear your updates soon girl. Thanks so much for letting us know you were spared.

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Gald you are ok!!!!!! PHEW! And remember we are here if and when you need an ear or two or twelve to listen!

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so glad to hear you are okay. I will keep those in your community in my thoughts and prayers. it is so good that you have such caring people, including you and your DH, in your community to come together and help those in need!

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oh goodness....:bigarmhug: While I am so thankful you are fine, I am so sorry about all the devestation there at the moment....especially to people you know and care for. I certainly will be praying

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wow. so glad to hear you are ok. how scary! :bighug:

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I'm so glad you're okay. I can't even imagine the devastation. Definitely will keep those families who have lost so much in my prayers.

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:bigarmhug: That's so scary and sad! You are so sweet to offer your help!! Praise God you are safe. I too was checking in to see if you'd posted. I can't imagine what the devastation and total loss would be like. Sad

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So glad you are ok! That is just horrible and it's so great that you are able to help out like that.

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Glad your Ok! I am so sorry for those who lost everything! They will all be in my prayers that everything turns out alright..

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Rejoicing that you are safe! Praying for you :bigarmhug: and definitely praying for those affected by the storms! We lived in KY and saw more than a few tornadoes and what they can do.


p.s. don't forget us over at the POBLC. We miss you there, too!

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Kelly, so glad you and your dh are okay, what a great person you are to help others out. I will keep them all in my prayers.

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:bigarmhug: Glad you are okay, but my heart goes out to everyone else. We had some bad ones come through AR, but we escaped them as well.

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Praying for you and the families around you. I'm in Earthquake country and they keep saying the big one is coming. I just pray that it doesnt affect us too much. I can't imagine being in tornado country. Those things scare me so much.

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Very glad you guys are ok!