What about this?

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What about this?

Anyone have any opinions about this?


I friend showed me this and it has a few advantages over the cricut, but not the size of the expression.

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well, one of the advantages of it is that you can use images on your computer and not just from expensive cartridges, but you can do that with the cricut too if you buy SCAL2. http://www.craftedge.com/download/download.html

SCAL is a program that uses the same method that cricut uses for their design studios program, but it is NOT made by the same company that makes the cricut. They say it will void your warranty if they found out you installed the program, but really they couldn't find out unless you told them and the risk is worth it to me because I get a LOT of use out of my machine with SCAL2 and SCAL doesn't put anything on the machine to harm it anyway.

SOOO.. no other opinions, but wanted to throw that out there lol.