what colors do you use most or not use at all?

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what colors do you use most or not use at all?

DH went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some card stock for me the other day. I had just went on Monday but didn't get enough blue. I told him to get blue, red, brown because I use those most, but to please not buy even one single sheet of yellow. I don't know if I have ever scrapped with yellow cardstock at all.

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Since I have two girls, I use LOTS of pink Smile

I actually use lots of blue as well.

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I don't think I use a lot of brown. That may be the only color that I don't use a ton of, not sure though. Maybe grey too? I don't remember using it a whole lot. I think that is why I struggle with kraft paper because it is brown. I really want to incorporate it more in my pages though because when I see it on other people's pages I am in awe of it! lol I try to use all of the other colors so their books aren't full of pink and blue. I think I only use brown on Zoo pages. Now I want to go look and see what colors I use the most! Ha!

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oh I love kraft paper Ashley. I have to make myself not use it on every page LOL.

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hmmm, I don't use brown hardly at all. I use a TON of green! I use a good amount of pink, blue, yellow, orange and red. Black, white, purple I don't use much of, but more than brown I guess!

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Pretty much the only cardstock-type paper I use is kraft paper. That paired with patterned paper...can't go wrong!

I think your husband rocks! My husband won't step foot in the craft store with me (he stays in the car or drops me off!)...I could NEVER get him to go there without me to pick something up! And if he did, he'd have no idea what he was looking for. Biggrin