What a deal!!

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What a deal!!

So, I'm shopping Walmart clearance and there are a bunch of cricut cartridges. I don't own a cricut, but I do scrap once a month with someone who does. So, of course I bought 5!

Opposites Attract was $15, Alphalicious was 12, zoo day & calligraphy were 10 each, and jubilee was $7!

Then I looked at the shelf below and there was a black Cricut Create for 35 bucks!!!:eek: I know everyone eventually gets the big one, but I couldn't pass up a "baby" one for that price!!! I don't know what was different about the one in the clearance section and the ones in the scrapbooking aisle, because they were priced at 149... The box wasn't open or anything. And it came with the Don Juan cartridge!

Holy crow, I'm still feeling a good deal rush!!

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wowzers! Awesome deal! And with the create you get some of the cool features of the E that the other small cricut...like portrait, center point, flip, etc. congrats on your steals!

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nice deals! i have a create and it works well for me, you are going to love it!

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Thanks for the reassurance that I'm going to like the create. I tried it this am--to make sure it worked!--and it's awesome!!

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Holy crap!!

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That's fabulous!! Good for you!

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that is really awesome!!!!

Don Juan was on my wish list ... but now I can't remember what's on it. Wink

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It's a cute font & has a lot of shapes!

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wow that is awesome!!! glad u didn't pass it up. our walmart is getting remodeled with no craft dept currently... so i doubt there would be anything like that there. Sad

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Wow, that is an awesome deal on all of that!