what to do OT modeling job

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what to do OT modeling job

Sorry girls I just need to vent. So Jasmin has a job at Kohl's this monday. She goes there about once or twice every other week. Well last week she did the big posters for the store which will go up nationwide in June (very cool) and on Monday she is shooting the cover. Kohl's is very good to us and is paying for most of her schooling with all the money she is making. Now here is the problem. We just got called by her Chicago agent for a Sears commercial! Guess when??? Monday! The commercial won't shoot monday but that is when they want to do the fitting. Man oh man this is the 3rd commercial I have to turn down:( I can't cancel on Kohl's cause it is a family cover so mom dad brother were all picked to look alike. She is calling me back to see if we can change it to earlier but then that means being in Chicago and wisconsin in one day. Not to mention we already are going to Chicago on Wed for Claire's which she can't wait for. All I know is she better thank me when she becomes famous lol

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I hope they can work out the scheduling conflicts. It's awesome that she is getting so many offers though.

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Hopefully they will work it out for you. Sounds like lots of running around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Busy busy! I hope you are able to work it all out. KUP!

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Well hopefully you can get it all rescheduled, but if you can't, stick with Kohls since they are being loyal to her and also, I heard, that Sears may be out of business by the end of 2009.

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I hope it works out, you are a very dedicated mommy! Its great that she is getting so much work though. I agree with the PP and think that its best to stick with Kohls in the meantime if you must choose but I'm sure there will be plenty of new opportunities in the future for Jasmin.

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I too am excited to be able to say "I knew you when". LOL JK!!! GL with whatever you decide, it seems a big decision. Congrats on all the jobs though...so cool!

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wow, sounds crazy busy! I would stick with Kohl's too b/c that seems consistent. Hopefully you can rearrange it to make both things.

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What a busy girl! Is she still enjoying it all? She must go to private school then if you have to pay for it? I say stick with Kohls too. Good luck on rescheduling.