what to do with those ultrasound pics, LO

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what to do with those ultrasound pics, LO

I thought I would post a u/s lo I did. This page was done for a 6x6 album I made for Damien. First take your strip of photos and cut apart. Next pick the photo you like the best and set aside. Now cut a strip of white paper long enogh to fit across your page. Then add u/s pics making sure to leave some white border on top and bottom. Pick your color to mat on, mine was the baby blue. Now mat your favorite pic and your title. (I just typed out the title Sneak Peeks along with the # of weeks I was.) I inked the edges of my title and tore it but you don't have to. Add the number of weeks you were pg in the pics up the side of the title as shown. Pick an embellishment. I picked stars but you could use hearts, brads, ect. You will need 5 of these. Add embellishments as shown (4 to the pic and 1 for the title) and thats it. Even if you don't have a 6x6 album you could frame it.


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Those looks great! I love scrapping my u/s pictures bc I feel like I would lose them otherwise just because I am so incredibly unorganized and throw stuff out on a whim. At least once they're scrapped I know I won't toss them.

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love that! I have a TON of ultrasound pictures (we get one at every dr visit over here) so far I haven't done anything with thim since I do do paper scrapping, but I am thinking I should think of something before they get thrown away.

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Again, fantastic idea Tia!