What do you do to save money on supplies?

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What do you do to save money on supplies?

I am brand spankin' new to this, and I am realizing I may have a budding addiction going on. Smile

I'm getting lots of ideas for things that I want to do, but I'm a little worried about how much this habit is going to cost! It seems like the paper, stickers, everything - just adds up so quickly!

I've realized I need to shop for stuff only when it's on sale. I got several sheets of paper at Jo-Ann's at 6 for 96 cents as opposed to 50 cents a sheet or more, but what else can I do to save money on supplies? There are so many cute embellishments and other fun things to put on the pages...

Are there sites that sell things at discounts? Please share your money-saving tips!!!

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I buy most of my embellishments on ebay! And almost all of my purchase are always multiples, I never just buy 1 thing. I just recently got $160 for only $80 and it's a LOT of stuff! I'm not saying go spend $80, but at least check it out! LOL

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JoAnn's and Michael's have coupons ALL the time in their ads in the weekly paper. I think every other week. The coupons are usually 40% off any one item & you can use them at competitor's stores.

Save your scrap paper -- they work great for cards & mini albums!

Sometimes you can find stuff at garage sales!

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Wow! Garage sales i didn't even think of that! I need to go garage saleing this weekend!

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Do you have any local scrapbooking stores in your area? My closest "local" store (which is 89 miles away!) has a montly "garage sale". Anyone can bring things they no longer use, or leftovers, or just extras and sell. You can usually find some steals! It's a good place to stock up on embellishments, etc. I would find out if your local store does something similar.

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I use coupons when they are available. I also always check the clearence sections, sometimes I find some good deals. Big Lots sells scrapbook stuff, and cheap, I've gotten alot of stuff there, brads, buttons, ribbon.. etc... I also try to only buy when its on sale! Sunday morning I head to the computer and check all the ads and figure out if there's anything on sale that I really need. Michaels usually has dollar stamps, ribbon and some embellishments. The paper packs that Joann's sell are great I think and if you have a 40% off coupon it makes it so much cheaper.

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Great ideas! I think we have at least one local scrapbook store, but I didn't even go there because I figured it would be more expensive. Garage sales - another great idea that never crossed my mind. And, Ebay - of course! Thanks for these suggestions. Now I'm just going to have to control myself.

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Hobby Lobby is my store! I have their online ad so it tells me what stuff is on sale, usually something 50%. Also, it has coupons that you can print off good for 50%. Shopping for sales is really the only way I have found that helps me.

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I only shop with a coupon or the sale items. I don't pay full price for anything, I will wait it out because the sales and coupons change every week. If you have an AC Moore, you can sign up to get their flyer emailed to you. This is good because if they have a 50% off coupon, you can print out 7 of them and use one a day for the week it's valid. It's one per day per customer. Michael's will take an AC Moore coupon (and vice versa) if it's cut out of the flyer (not the computer printed ones). And my local scrapbook store will honor the 40% off coupons (but not the 50% off) from the two chains.

I don't have a Hobby Lobby here so can't speak to that one at all. Wink

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My mom buys me lots of stuff for holidays and stuff....that is when she dosent lose it in her house. I go to dollor stores alot you can find some inexpensive stuff there thats great quality.