What do you ladies think

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What do you ladies think

This is my latest scrapbook page, and I am really undecided on it. I like it but then again I don't.. I don't know.. It's the pictures that have me undecided... I embossed them and changed the settings so it looks like a drawing. which I think loks neat.. but I don't know..

What do you ladies think???

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Awww, I think it is cute. I really like it. I know it is not normal, but it makes for an unusual and fun page.

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I like the idea!
Personally I think I would do two 'normal' pictures and then maybe one of the sketched ones, so it isn't quite as much?

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I tried that and it didn't look right at all.. the only way it would look ok is all or none.. and I really liked what I did.... just not so sure it is scrapbooky.. you know...

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wow that looks like a real sketch! how did you do that? Smile i think that page looks great!

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I use a program called scrapbook max and there is an effects option and I went into the advanced part of it and I got to choose how much depth and light and all that stuff and I just played with it until I got the most detail out of it without it looking to dark..

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maybe do the 2 regular pics in black and white? Otherwise I think it's a great page, and I love the idea of changing the pics to look like drawings.

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I like it. It's different and unique! Well done!

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it is different ... and I think that if you used one larger one it would be better than using the three sketches (since you said combining the sketches didn't look right with regular pictures).

I think it's cool though. Smile

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it is different but it looks good