What do you scrap?

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What do you scrap?

Ok...my problem.

When DD was born, I scrapped EVERYTHING....every fun thing we did...every event...every cute picture. EVERYTHING..

I had no pics of DSS...still have very few from when he was born until the time I met him. For him, I have scrapbooked school pics, and event pics (ie wrestling meet, band concerts, etc.)

I have a family album of things we did together and holidays. Berry picking one day, Christmas, Easter, family vacations etc..

Now I get to work on DS's album (gee..he is only 16 months) and I'm struggling with what exactly to scrap since I have so little time. I'm leaning towards doing all the big events, birthdays, firsts...and cataloguing the rest of the "super cute" pics and why I wanted to scrap it. That way someday down the road I might have time to do some scrapping and I have the memories written down.

What all do you scrapbook of your kids? Your family? Other things? I've seen people scrapbook about the flowers in their garden. Nice, but I'm so far behind I haven't hardly scrapbooked my sons birth! LOL


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lol. I think your idea of cataloguing the rest for in case you later find time is a great idea:D

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I just pick and choose. Big events, like trips, birthdays, holidays, firsts, etc. are the most common things I scrap. Unless I take some pics and can't resist scrapping them too. Smile I certainly don't scrap all the pics I take. I save those on my computer under montly folders, then copy them to CD's to save for later. I will also get pics printed each month that I don't scrapbook, just keep in the envelopes. I think your idea of scrapping the big things and saving the rest for later is great.

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Normally all his firsts (rolling, trips etc... ) and any really cute pics I like of him.

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My main focus is Tyler! LOL I have taken a break from him and started working on pages from our Houseboating trip (which still include Tyler...LOL...so much for a break?!) I do have my animals...and only a few selection of old pics of my parents and family. My mom was a huge picture taker (I don't remember ever seeing a camera) and has a billion photo albums, I asked her if I could go through her old photos so I could scrapbook, but I don't have access to them yet. But I'm looking foward to scrapping some other things, besides Tyler! LOL

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Good question as I am in the same boat as you. I just organized all my pics of my first son's year of life and am just now scrapping those. I pick out a few and get inspired by the pics is how I do it. I am way more behind than you it sounds, but I always get doubles so I have the pics to look at, just need to scrap. I try not to worry about it much as I am doing something I enjoy and creating more memories at the same time. Hope you can come to a good conclusion and get some great answers. Or the other way around. Hehehe

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DS is my main subject, but I rarely do the "big events." I have some kind of mental blocks about that, so it is rare that I do holiday or b-day layouts. I stick to the "moments" kind of pages mostly. That and I do a lot of layouts about the sports he plays. I'm trying to force myself to get some of our back holiday and b-day pics scrapped.


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Well, for each child, I do a first year book - I have a layout for each month, plus a layout for othere major milestones - first foods, smiles, sleeping, first big trip

Then I have a family book for each year, and I scrap things like trips, holidays, events ... but I also do every day events (like my new one At the Window, just me taking pictures of the kids with my new camera). I've printed a ton of pictures that I've decided didn't make the scrapbook cut when it came down to the amount of time I have. So each of my kids has a photo album and I divide those extra pictures between their books. That way they can look through them on their own, and if they need pictures for a project for school, they can just take those. My son has made a few scrapbook pages himself with pictures from his album (which I think is so neat!).

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I have a book for each of my kids as well as a family book. I start with all the major events and firsts but then I just look at my pictures and pick the ones I really like. So not all of them are big events, some are just some cute pictures I took along the way.

I do not scrap in order. I scrap what I feel like scrapping. Like I still have the holidays from last year to scrap but I have scrapped some cute pictures from this year. I know I will get to them eventually.

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I still scrap everything, so I'm not much help. Smile

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I scrap everything for DS's album. I have the first page done in DH's and I's album but I'll eventually get caught up but probably not soon Smile