What else I made ...

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What else I made ...

This bib has been in progress for about a week. I cut the fabric but didn't have the bias tape. Finally got that one Saturday but then didn't have time to sew it all together until today. Can't wait to try it on Jack!

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how cute!!! do you have a pattern for that?

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Very cute! I love that you put a pocket on it too!

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So cute Gwen!!

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That's so cute! I love the fabric you chose. One of these days I need to learn to sew...

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Very cute. What's bias tape?

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"Madisonsmom07" wrote:

Very cute. What's bias tape?

bias tape is the stuff that's on the top of the pocket. it's an edging. this is the first time I've sewn with it.

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Really cute Gwen! I've never used bias tape but I've used piping(handmade and store bought). I wonder if that is similar. I make embroidered bibs all the time and burps but I usually buy the bibs already made. I'm going to try your pattern.

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Too cute! Post a picture of Jack with it on when you put it on him! Smile

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