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    Default What is everyone up to?

    Hello ladies! Just thought I'd check in and see what everyone is up to these days. We've been getting a lot of snow here in PA, plus a head cold is currently attacking the kids so it's been a lot of lazy indoor days and preschool cancellations.

    So I've been trying to get things ready for the baby since that crazy nesting instinct has kicked in!! I've also managed to be crafty these days!! I really wish I had pictures but I'm so behind on my uploading to shutterfly that hopefully someday soon i'll get to upload pics. I've made 2 bow boards for DD's room. I have 3 wool dryer balls currently going through the washer & dryer for the 1st time then I have to double their size and "felt" them again.

    I also managed to complete approx 10 pages for DS' scrapbook!!! I say approx only bc there are a few 2 pg LOs and even a 3 pg LO. He's been super happy with me adding pages to his scrapbook. He even tells me when he and DD are in the living room that I should go scrapbook, they are okay playing and my room is right there lol. Gotta love little boys.

    Well I hope you all are doing well. Lots of other stuff going on in my life but a lot is prob too personal to post on a public forum for lurkers. If u have FB and don't have me as a friend yet feel free to add me... if u are trying to find me from Charys' or Gwen's or Kelly's profiles I'm prob the only Brittany Kr_ _ _ _

    Anyway that's all I can think of for now. Have a busy wknd ahead of me...must get rolling. Hope you all have a wonderful wknd and the start of your 2011 has been amazing!!!

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    hi Brittany! Good to hear from you!

    We haven't been up to too much. Miles is a little over 2 now and talks our ears off! He is so funny. We just started sending him to "school" 1 morning a week for some playtime. He's loving it. I'm also loving it because I get a ton done while he's there, cleaning and cooking, no scrapping yet! I have NO motivation at all to scrapbook. I am so behind. Which, I'm okay with I guess. Considering I'm making no effort to get caught up anytime soon. LOL.

    I've been taking care of a friend's baby (13 months) on Mondays, and am just starting to watch another baby on Thursdays (4 months). So between that, working 2 evenings a week, weekly playdates and ECFE classes, we're staying busy.

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    hi! just waiting semi-patiently for DS2's arrival. Very uncomfortable in that department, otherwise i wouldn't mind the waiting. I should probably scrap or otherwise craft to keep my mind off of it, but I can't motivate myself to get my big butt off the couch to go to the craft area. ugh! I have some pages sketched out...just gotta get them done!

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    You sound super busy Brittany. I think that is so cute what your son tell you about scrapping. HE sounds like a sweetie. I'd love to see your bow holders. I'd like to do something like that for my daughter...tho she doesn't have very many bows. LOL

    I have been working on our disney autograph books. I thought I had them done and then DH showed me that I didn't leave any head room on the pages for binding them. UGH!! So I am taking them apart and fixing each page. I will take pics soon and show you all, but it's been so fun to make them and they are pretty cute. Plain and simple, but still. And it's helped the kids realize who will be there and all that. Fun stuff. I am so looking forward to this trip.
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    Brittany, you sound as busy as I was in the last two months of my 4th pregnancy. Really hope we get to see photos of your crafty stuff before you disappear with a newborn.

    Well, I recently posted what I was up to. Not much to add. Just trying to get through all of my photos (I can't seem to catch up on other stuff when I have photos to work on, but I can't seem to stop taking pictures.). Anyhow, I really hope to scrapbook this week so I can post here!
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    I wish you could upload pics of all that cool scrappy goodness. You sound so busy!! Glad to hear an update from you.

    Man, life is on the fast-track for me as well. Working full-time, catering part-time, mommy full-time, etc. etc. Keeps me on my toes 7 days a week. Plus trying to get time to craft here and there for 10 minute increments. ha.

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    It seems like you are busy and getting some good stuff done! Your little one is due so soon!

    I'm SLOWLY getting out of morning sickness. I had a really rough time of it this time and still not feeling great. Motivation is low. Things are looking up though and eventually I'll get back in gear again.
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