What the heck!

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What the heck!

I'm gone for a little while and Karen and Kelly are mommies!!!!! I am over the moon for both of you. Congrats to you both you gals deserve it so much.
Kelly, you have to put Tate in a stocking and take a pic of him to make a page! What a great Christmas present!!
Karen, I am sure Wayne is so happy to have a little boy to play with! Are you still running the daycare?
I will be back soon. I have been scrapping like crazy. I finished the album for the lady who posted the ad on craigslist but I am so sad that I forgot to take pics!!! It was a 30 page album and boy was it a challenge. The lady had all kinds of newspaper clippings and construction paper fish for me to scrap. The book was all on her swim team from 1980 but after hours of thinking I did it and she loved it.
I am also working on another album that is so important to me. I have 1 page left and then after the person gets it I might post it if I have permission to.
One more week and I will have a new computer that does not take 10 minutes to load a page!!! (gotta love taxes) Well off to catch up on the rest of you. Miss you all, Tia

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Hahaha Tia, we tried to put Tate in a stocking and the chunky monkey didn't fit! He is amazing!!

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Hey Tia! Smile I know how you feel in a way....it's been too long since Ive kept up with everyone regularly. You are such a sweet, amazing person to do those scrapbooks.

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Hey girl!! I'm glad to hear you are well. And that you'll have a new computer to play wtih us on soon. Smile IDK about everyone else, but I'd love to see some pics of your cute kiddos. Smile Glad to hear the scrapbook you made for the lady turned out good...I know you were worried about that. And I wouldn't feel bad about not being around here much, we have all kind of been away from here lately.

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Tia! I wondered where you've been! I can't believe you didn't take pictures of that book, crazy girl! Sure hope you can share pictures of the new one. (Maybe you can take pictures but blur out the photographs?)

How's the baby doing? And the other kids? Must get a better update from you!!!

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