What?! I did some scrapbooking?!!!!

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What?! I did some scrapbooking?!!!!

here are some recent pages from me...
this one is for the strips challenge:

Valentines Day... i dont remember if i shared this one before or not

My friend Carrie and her girls (shes a Jan 08 momma as well)

My BFF and I on a Girls Night

And my first surgery LO

i think thats it... thanks for lookin!!! Biggrin

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Great job Beckie! You got LOTs done. I really love that first one...the torn paper is so cool and that picture is adorable! I love the one of you adn your BFF too...great colors. TFS

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Wow! Great job! I love that you did a page on your surgery! (btw, how are you feeling?) I sometimes get so caught up in kid stuff that I never scrap anything else.


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I love the st. patty's day one...and the paper on the LO of you and your friend is great! nice work on all of them Smile

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Love how you are doing some of you and your friends. I need to remember that. I too get all caught up in my kids, that I forget about me and Randall. These are great! LOVING the surgery one!

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girl, you have been BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very cute layouts. Smile (grammar freak warning ... you need an apostrophe with everyone's in the first one). really love the one of you and your friend. and the surgery layout is nice ... how are you recovering, BTW?

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Surgery went great! I was outta the hospital after a day and a half. The first few days home were kinda rough but I'm feeling good now! I start back to work this week and can start eating soft or ground foods tomorrow! Which is awesome after being on a liquidish diet for 2 weeks! I have had some issues with milk and milkish products so were taking it slow tomorrow with foods.
Hoping by the end of the month to be back on a treadmill routine and in a few months to join a gym to start strength stuff!

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All three times I've previously clicked on here to reply to your thread, I've been distracted by the kids. LOL Anyways, I love the layout you did of your friend and the one of your surgery. It's so important to scrap ourselves too. YAY you!

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lovely! My fave is the cheesecake factory one Smile So glad to hear you are recovering well now !

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Awesome los!!!

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Great LO's! I LOVE the last one the best. Very memorable indeed without many words. TFS!