What I found at Michael's

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What I found at Michael's

I now remember why I don't go there - I spend too much! I got some pre-fold cards so I can try my hand at hybrid cards, they were 40% off! But the best find was this:

I was so excited - it shows you how to make patterned backgrounds, simple things like brads, brushes, ribbons, all sorts - I can't wait to learn how to make all this stuff! It's easier with a book than online tutorials, flipping back and forth from PS to the 'net. Super excited! Anyways, just wanted to share!

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How awesome is that!!! i may have to buy that!

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Oh that is sooo cool!! Man I wish I lived somewhere I could get cool stuff like that! Maybe next year. *fingers crossed*

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Woot woot!! Yahoo for a great find Trina.

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Wow! What a great book!!!!!

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Great find!