What a long few days (LONG!)

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What a long few days (LONG!)

Hi girls... I just wanted to share my scarey experience with Kayley earlier this week. I am copying and pasting a post I wrote on my birth board on Wednesday.

Oh gosh... where do I begin? K has had a fever off and on since Saturday, sometimes running as high as 103.3; with Tylenol and Motrin we had been able to keep it in check. On Monday evening around 7:PM, she had a diaper that was full of coagulated blood. We rushed her off to the ER and while waiting to be called in she had another one that this time was both blood and stool. The docs at the ER decided to send us to either Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center or Boston Children's in case she needed surgery. We decided to go to Dartmouth. The ER doc thought maybe she had an intussusception, which may need to be corrected by surgery so off in an ambulance we went to DHMC. They gave K and IV to get some fluids in her so she would not get dehydrated. Having them do the IV was awful. She SCREAMED and I cried and cried. My parents came up to the ER and followed up to the hospital. On the ride to DHMC K was talkative and in a pretty good mood and thankfully had no more bloody diapers; about 1/2 there she fell asleep.

Once we arrived the docs and nurses swarmed us and began asking what was happening and wanted a medical history about her and my pregnancy. They then took a few vials of blood to run a CBC and other tests and hooked her up to more IV fluids. My parents arrived about 10 minutes after we did and then Damian arrived shortly after the did (he had run home first to gather some clothes and what not for us). They discovered she was running a fever of nearly 104 so they gave her a dose of Tylenol to help bring it down. A pediatrician and surgeon came in to speak with up about what they thought maybe happening, which was the intussusception. Basically the intestine telescopes in on itself and is a very common happening, especially when a person is ill because you have lymph nodes in your intestines. Some times it will correct itself, though that is rare. They told the next thing to do was to get an xray of her belly and then to give her an Air Enema which the test they give to check for the intussusception; most times if this is happening the test pushes out the intestine from itself curing the problem. So off the Xray and then to the air enema we went. The enema was awful. She was a mess and so was I. We were able to be there with her through the whole thing and I got to hold her hand. Once this was over they admitted us for the night because they needed to observe her to see what would happen next. We were brought to our room around 2:AM. (My parents headed home at this point.) Once in our room we met yet another doc and nurse. They came in a took a history of what has been happening and then made sure we were all settled for the night. We all got VERY little sleep that night even though we were all so tired. My mind just keep running and running and would not stop.

We did not see the docs until around 8 the next morning; a nurse had been in to take her vitals and check on her IV and fluids, which she did not like one bit. Her temp was good thankfully. A surgeon came in to see her for a bit. He told us that at this point the air enema they had done the night before came back negative for intussusception and tell us another thing they were thinking was a possibility is a congenital condition called Meckel's Diverticulum. He also asked us if she had had another poop yet, which she had not. He said the team of doctors on her case would be back in an hour or so for rounds to discuss where to go next, but it was possible they would send us home later that day. The news of this made me happy, but at the same time more confused because we still did not have any answers. Finally around 8:30 K was given breakfast of a liquid diet, of which she ate the raspberry sorbet happily then went back to sleep. She finally got a few hours of restful sleep and we saw the team of docs around 10:AM or so. It was like being in an episode of "House"; there was a team of about 6 or 7 docs all standing around talking with us. The surgeon we say earlier in the morning presented her history to the rest of the team and then the Head of Pediatrics, Dr. Wenger started spouting off ideas of what could be going on and conferring with all the other docs about the possibilities.
1. Intussusception (which they rather doubt since the test was negative or that is was possible that she had it but it corrected itself which would also be rare)
2. Meckel's Diverticulum
3. Lead Poisoning
4. A reaction to the Motrin we had been giving her for the fever as this is a possible side effect of it.
5. Some sort of bacterial infection, of which there are many different kinds.
All of these things were possible, however the symptoms that she was presenting were not enough to confirm any of them. They also found out that her iron count was a bit low (not surprising to me with how much blood she lost in her diapers and all the blood they took) and recommended that she be put on a multi-vitamin. One of the doctors on the team felt there was no reason why we wouldn't be able to go home later on that day baring nothing serious happening; all the other docs were in agreement with this. Dr. Wenger said she would be in a little later to do an exam on K before she would discharge her. After a decent nap, K was starting to perk up a bit, but would of course scream at any doc or nurse who came near her. They all kept asking if she had pooped or not, which she had not. Around 12:PM someone came in (can't remember if it was a doc or nurse as all this is starting to blur together) telling us they needed to do another blood draw to check her hemoglobin levels to be sure there was no other internal bleeding that had no presented itself yet. They did this by means of a heal prick since the nurse who came to do it could not find a good vein in her arm with out the IV line. Around 2ish the surgeon came back asking if they took her initial blood work before or after they started pumping her full of IV fluids (it was taken before). He said her hemoglobin level was 1 point lower then it was when they did it the first time which meant she may still have had some extra internal bleeding that had not shown up yet, but most likely it was because she had been pumped full of fluids for so many hours now that her blood had become diluted. This was a bit disheartening to hear, but he reassured us he was confident about her blood just thinning out. Dr. Wenger came in shortly after to do her exam and said she was a bit concerned about K not having wanted to eat or drink much while in the hospital and she didn't like how her left ear was looking as it was pussy and red. She said they were going to prescribe both Pepcid (to help with the bleeding if it was related to the Motrin and she would need to be on it if her regular doc decided to go ahead with the Meckle's testing) and Augmentin for her ear infection, both of which we could pick up at the pharmacy in the hospital. She told us to follow up with K's regular doc when we got home, asked us if we had any questions, and then went to put our discharge into the computer. Our nurse Denise came in shortly after and to remove K's IV and discharge us. We were so happy to leave!!! K was so thrilled too! It was the first time in nearly 24 hours that she was allowed out of bed and to walk around! We were discharged at 2:47 PM and made it home around 5:PM. We put K to bed around 7:30 and she slept until 10:30 this morning (minus one wake up around 12:30 AM).

I stayed home with her today to monitor her and see if there were any changes. She did great today. She is certainly not 100% better by any means, but much better then in the hospital. Her fever (which was unrelated to all this the docs said - just a virus) has been much more manageable and as of tonight I am pretty sure its gone. She did have two poops today; the first had a bit of residual blood just as the docs said it would. The second was normal and let me tell you I have never been so excited about poop before! LOL!

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Oh wow. I hope she's doing better now. So have they come to any definite conclusions? What a week you guys have had. You are definitely in my prayers.

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wow, that's a lot to take in. so they still don't know the exact cause of the bleeding? hoping that's the end of it, and you see no more bloody diapers.

believe me, I know what you're going through. Jordan was hospitalized shortly before she turned 2 (she was there for 10 days though) and readmitted a few days later. she was on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks and couldn't go to daycare. it is so hard when our babies have to be in the hospital. anyhow, Kayley is a little trooper and I'm so glad that she's doing better!

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Oh no! So are you still waiting on a final answer?? How scary!!! Sad I bet that was awful. Praise God she is doing better. KUP ok?

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THat sounds AWFUL!! Wow!! I am glad she is home and getting better and will definitely keep her in my prayers.

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oh my word!:bigarmhug: I'll be praying

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Thaks for the love ladies! Kayley is doing great and we are just waiting on the results of a few stool cultures to come back and maybe we can finally get some answers. I really hope all of this is behind us!

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oh poor baby, I am glad she is doing better. I Will keep you in my prayers KUP