What project are you working on?

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What project are you working on?

My MIL is going to be 50 in sat. I decided to make her a Grandmothers Year book.

I got her a 11x8 scrap book.

I am going to make pages with pics of the kids and what they were doing in the years from 2004-2008 and since her b-day is in Jan every year I plan on adding a page from the previous year to it for her.

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oh, that's a great idea! Esp. adding to it every year. She's going to really love that.

I'm just working on our normal daily life family album. I've got a lot of pics needing to be scrapped, but I've been so busy for this whole week I didn't get a single scrapbook related thing done!

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I'm also working on family album stuff. But I'm about to start a Valentine's day project, something I want to market for my business. Stay tuned!

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I wanted to finish up my page for the loving you challenge -- it's not perfect, but good enough so I posted it. Smile One thing off my checklist! Yahoo

My other project is to finish the layouts from Caleigh's NICU days. I think I only have 7 or 8 maybe?

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I make a yearly scrapbook for DH and show him on New Year's Eve. So, of course I will be working on that all year. Wink

I am also (SLOWLY) working on scrapbooks for Ruthie's first year, before Randall and I were married, and as soon as Randy gets here, I will be working on his first year book. WHEW. I need to get to work! Wink

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I'm just working on all of Andrea's pics. 2008 is almost completely done, but I have to go finish 2007 and her first 2 months in 2006.

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Just trying to find time to make things. Now having a space, I have SUCH desire, and still no time. So it's kind of torturous.
On my list for 2009 is to make enough cards to market for a card ministry.
I need to start on Christmas cards MUCH earlier this year.
I will be making up Valentine's boxes when I get back from meeting my new nephew.

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I am working on digital scrapping a page for each month of 2008 (snapshots of Xavier) to put on his website. I am also paper scrapping all of his professional pictures (birth thru two years). And when I am done with that I have to paper scrap his snapshots...birth thru present. Plus at some point before next Christmas I have to get Christmas cards done! Whew....I am wore out thinking about it!

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I just do pages as they strike me (no particular order, just when I feel inspired) ... but I do want/need to make a CD album for my grandma for her bday. She's in a home and doesn't have her pictures, etc, and we got her a digital frame and scanned all her photos and put them on it, but every time we go there it's never on, she doesn't know how to work it. So I thought a CD album, with each kid/grandkid having their own 'CD' would be a good gift - have to get started though, there's 3 kids (+3 spouses), 6 grandkids (+5 spouses), 7 great grandkids .... now that I write that, yikes! lol Plus her and my poppa (grandpa) that passed away 10 years ago.

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I am currently in a mad rush to get T.J.'s 3rd album caught up to this point. I am about 15 or so layouts behind so that could be interesting. I am really hoping that some new toys that I have purchased will help facilitate this. I don't know how I' going to keep up with two! Alex will be here in less than 12 weeks!!!!

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I'm hoping to finish my wedding album soon. I haven't really worked on much this week. Guess I'm in a funk.

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I've been working on some pages for Miles' album.