what scrapbooking items/tools should i request for christmas?

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what scrapbooking items/tools should i request for christmas?

Any feedback ladies on scrapbooking items/tools I should put on my xmas list?
My mom & dad, mil, dh, and gparents on both sides as well as friends etc are asking me for lists and i'm trying to decide what to put on my list

I have the cropadile big bite..... and other than a cricut of course
I have a paper cutter as well and a photo corner rounder
Any other tools or things you can't live without?
Any other items that are absolutely awesome and have helped you make great pages?

any feedback will be greatly appreciated

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it sounds like you've got the main tools. i have a heart punch i use a lot. it seems like i have to have a heart on every one of my pages. along with kraft paper Lol i'd ask for gift certificates to your favorite stores so you can have fun picking out your own paper and embellishments!

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Love the crop a dile! I also like my edger scissors.
I agree that gift cards are a good idea so you can shop for what you want.

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You already own a paper cutter right? If not, that would definitely be a biggie!

I would do as Ash said, and ask for some gift certificates. Smile

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This is such a hard questions, b/c I need everything. LMAO. Ok, just kidding. I really need is embellishments. I always feel like I never have enough. I asked for a giftcard from my sister.

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I think you can't go wrong with gift certificates either. That would be pefect for picking out embellishments. Thats what i am asking for (but from digi stores) oh and a second monitor for my computer so I can 'spread' out my work Smile

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thanks ladies for the feedback.

mil doesn't like to give gift cards but for my bday she went with me to a scrapbooking store when we saw eachother and had me pick out stuff and she paid for it....then she gave me the rest of the $ she was going to spend on a gc.

i know she wants things to wrap so just was trying to figure out more tools or other things she could get me.

thanks for the feedback ladies
it's greatly appreciated

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I would add a circle cutter and a cutting mat. I have had the hardest time cutting photos into circles because I was tracing and cutting out. Now I have a circle cutter and it is so much easier. A cutting mat is necessary. Some fun things like stamp sets and pads, any and all size Xyron machines, watercolor pencils or stamping markers. Oh, and any kind of storage you can get your hands on!!!
I think I just gave you my Christmas list!! Smile

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Oh yes... I love my circle/oval cutters. I have the stampin up ones and LOVE them. I make a lot of cards, and my whale punches (mostly tags and squares) make things move along so much quicker. Prefer the whale punches to other kinds. So much easier. Also great for cards is being able to set eyelets. The fancy, easy setters are so much quieter and less pressure to use. I love it. (Then again though, I really need to use mine again. Overused them for awhile and just put it away. It's time to bring it back out again.)

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#1 on my list is time! If anyone knows where to get some, lemme know! lol!

another vote for circle/oval cutters...

and I admit I am a punch addict... love my tags, designer label, and round tab punches ...well, actually I'm a sucker for any punch that has stamps that match the shape... lol

a good set of alphabet stamps for doing titles, etc... (never run out of most used letters)

gift cards are still a good idea... she can wrap 'em up real nice if she wants to! haha

oops... gotta run... babies waking up!

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I am asking for giftcertificates so I can stock up after the holidays.

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