what size and resolution...

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what size and resolution...

do you make your pages for sharing here?

just curious.... no reason... :Whistle:

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for printing they are 12x12 or 8.5x11 @ 300 res. for sharing, i save it at 600pixels wide @ 72res.

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For printing I do 300 ppi at 12x12 ...

For sharing online I do 500 x500 ppi at 300 ppi, that seems to work best for most of the online galleries, the file size is right around 100 kb

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First I resize my photos to "email attachment" size in HP Photozone, then upload to Flickr and just use the size that it uploads as. I know, I'm so computer illiterate sometimes. lol

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Well I save in my computer as the 300dpi, but photobucket automaticall resizes when I upload. I think the default on my photobucket is 400x600, but not 100% sure.