what a turkey...argh...

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what a turkey...argh...

So Wayne makes me this bday card all himself. (It's super cute but you can definitely tell a guy made it. hehe)....Then tells me I can't show "A SINGLE PERSON!" ARGH!!!! I think he even caught a glimpse that I would not take that statement quite so literally and then said "seriously Karen. This is really important to me. Please show me I can trust you."
LOL! How can he do that to a girl! I was totally going to show it anyway before he made a big stink about it. Now what do I do?! :angry1:

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well if you can't show it can you tell us what it looks like??

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ha! perfect..he never said anything about that! lol...btw I think I know what the issue is...not only not showing his work but also that I would make it look like he always does that sort of thing....cuz when i showed him the pages of our baby chinchilla i did he goes "oh no....who did you show these to?" I ask why and he goes "well I'm holding a baby chinchilla...it's not exactly a jaguar is it? You make me look soft." LOL!

okay so it's on yellow cardstock with pink "circly" paper strips along the left side and bottom (my fave colors so good on him for knowing lol)...and on top of the bottom pink strip he put pink flowers going across it..
It has a red foam heart in the middle of the card and two red heart gems on either side...
the two vellum quotes...the one above the hearts says "My Better Half" and the below the hearts says "Two lives, two hearts, share one love together" ....then the top left he cut out a tiny blue butterfly...THEN he did the inside too. lol
He used my letter stamps and stamped out "Happy Birthday Karen. 27!" across both sides...and used a pink and yellow present embellishment on the left and a pink and while felt butterfly embellishment on the right...oh and he wrote his own message inside too in a purple glitter pen Biggrin

hehe...I feel better now. Wink

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Oh my, he went all out huh? What a great card! Maybe you could sneak a sketch of it on here lol tfs

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lol that is funny, but understandable. it sounds really great! tfs what you could! Lol

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well, I hate that I can't see it, but I think you described it pretty well. it sounds like a sweet and lovely card. he's a goofball, doesn't he know that we LOVE sweet men!?!? sweet does not mean soft.

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Awww...that sounds so amazing Karen. What a sweet hubby you have. I understand you honoring his request, I think that's good of you, knowing how bad you want to share.

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What a sweet husband!! Tell him we think that's very sweet. There's no shame in that! Any woman would love romance like that.

you described it very well! I can even picture it. Smile

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Awwww.... he really put his heart into that card for you. That's really cool Karen. Thanks for sharing!

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I understand why he doesn't want you to show - and so cute that he made it for you. Smile

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Awww! He's such a great guy!

Sounds like he poured heart and soul into that card. Smile

Thanks for describing it for us. Wink

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Aww thats so cute that he made that for you and remembered your favorite color... So cute and very thoughtful!

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aww man i wish we could see it!!
it sounds very cute though!!

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You definitely have yourself a great guy, Karen! He sounds like such a sweetheart! The card sounds adorable. That was so cool of him to know what you would like!! Smile