What a welcome!

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What a welcome!

Ya'll made me a little nervous...everyone of you so far said you can't wait to see my pages! hehehe..

Ok..here are few recent ones and some of my digital beginnings:

Many more are here: http://www.scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?mod=galleries&u=94278

My digital beginnings:

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Waaaa?!? And you're just NOW introducing yourself?! Wink I'm kidding, but you have LOVELY pages!!! Wow! Great job on them all!

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great work!!

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Those are great, I love the disney lo

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Oh those are all great! I love the font on the digital pages!

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No kidding, you were nervous Wink No reason, they are gorgeous pages and great intro to digital.

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wow, those are some awesome pages! I'll have to check out your gallery later (as I'm not supposed to be posting right now :lol:). But I really love your work, both paper and digital. You have different styles for each, which is great. Wink And that Christmas tree picture is just an awesome picture, love how the lights sparkle.

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All of those are awesome LO's! I LOVE the holiday ones! TFS!

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Fab pages!!
You do great work with digital! And your paper ones are very well done too.
I bet Halloween at Disneyland was soooo cool!

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WOW! Your paper and digi pages are great!:)

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments Smile