what would you do?

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what would you do?

I am a little confused on how I want to scrap Ruthie's first birthday stuff. I already made the first page of what we did on her actual birthday.

For her b-day party, I want to scrap these pics...I know there are a few, but this was my idea. I want the first 2, to be alone on the first two pages.

This is the collage I made for her b-day.

This one of her invite:

These of her cakes:

Her eating the cake:

And presents:

What do you think? Should I cut out some pics?
When YOU scrap a bunch of pics with the same theme, how do you lay it out? Do you make all the pages with the same background/colors? Let me know what you do, or if you have pics of something similar. Thanks again ladies! Biggrin Let me know your honest opinions!

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I don't use the same background etc. I pull out pictures that go together and put them on the same 2-page layout. For example, cake pictures would go together, opening presents would go together, etc. You could put favorites as one-picture layouts to emphasize them more. You could try and use the same theme of colors and layouts throughout the book (I think that is the "proper" thing to do) or you can use all different ones and have fun.

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I agree, why not just do a couple of page layouts. the pics of her from birth to 1 - you can do a 2 page lo as a "Year in Review"

Don't need to use the same background. KWIM.

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you could also do a mini book. like in a 6x6 where one page is one pic and some journaling and a little embellishment.

I tend to use the same colors on multi pages. but not all the exact same paper.

I have pics for a brag book I made for a friend if youd like to see them.