What would you do?

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What would you do?

If your house burnt down or there was a flood and it ruined all your pictures and your scrapbook stuff?

I know everyone would be devastated. But does anyone have a safety net..... I mean do you have a fire/water safe type thing to store pictures or memory cards, and discs with pictures on it.

I plan on getting a fire/water proof safe for all my pictures, because in reality I can always redo scrapbooks, but I can never retake pictures off him as a newborn. Nothing might even happen but I would rather be safe then sorry.. know what I mean....

So what is your back up if there was a fire or flood, or even if your computer with all the pictures were stolen??

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I have memory cards with my pics in a fire safe. I have also uploaded all of my fave pics to Walgreens, Photobucket, and Facebook so in case something happens in house, the best pics are safe.

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I have a small fireproof safe that I store my picture CD's in. I don't even know if it's flood proof, but we don't have much of a chance of flooding here.

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my digital pictures are all uploaded to shutterfly...as for the older ones, before the digital age, I would be crushed (childhood pics, college pics, etc.)

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I just bought a portable external hard drive. I am going to back all my pictures up on it and store it in our fire proof safe.

By the way my house burning down is my biggest fear. I am terrified of losing all my pictures.

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We have a fireproof safe that's rated to protect computer media. So I've burned the photos to dvd and they're stored there. I need to do 2009 still.

I also just bought a backup drive, it will arrive on Friday. But if my computer is stolen, I bet that drive is too.

I just pray that nothing ever happens to my house, it would be devastating to lose all of the scrapbooks and digital images.

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I upload all my pages and important photos to Costco's website - I'm doing it anyways to get them printed, so it's just a bonus they'll keep it forever.

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I have almost everything backed up online and in our fireproof save. We live near a bluff so not much chance of flooding here luckily.

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I have been meaning to get an extra external hard drive to store all of our photos on to keep at a separate location from home. We just have to get it done. I have all of my favorites online somewhere, so I wouldn't lose them, but they wouldn't be full printable sized ones.

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If something were to happen I would loss a lot. I do upload a bunch of pictures and pictures of layouts on sites like photobucket so I would have those. And we have a thumb drive. We just need to back up a little more often.