What would you do with 7 hours?

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What would you do with 7 hours?

What would you do with 7 hours all to yourself? After a week with your mil?

Next Friday Kaitlyn is going to the dayhome (I have to pay for 3 days, and since mil will be here to babysit Mon-Tues-Wed, I may as well send her Friday since I'm paying for it!), Mark will be at a conference so there's no way he'll be home early, I have 1 hour of work to do and I'm taking the rest of the day off because I worked all day the last holiday we had (family day).

So ... other than scrapping (which is a given), what would you do?

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Sleep! And if I had the energy/time afterwards probably do some deep cleaning that I'm never able to do with both girls in the house.

If I had money I would go shopping though. Smile

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first, i would totally poop myself for actually having that much time alone! ROFL and then i would go through some things in the house and clean out some clutter (our file cabinet!!) and then i would go get the book ive been wanting to read, and start reading it since i would have all of that lovely peace and quiet. and i would totally take a long nap.

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Yeah, if I had any money I would go shopping! Biggrin But since I don't...I would probably take a nap and then do something exciting like clean out the closets and such. ROFL So sad but it is true. I actually love to have things all nice and neat but DH and the kids don't exactly help out with keeping things that way so it's something that ALWAYS needs to be done. So I guess that would be what I would do.

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Am I the only one who would SO NOT clean? I would sit my booty on the couch and watch tv until there was nothing good on, then I would scrap till I got tired then I would nap. Or maybe I would nap first. lol. Of course this is all hypothetical because i would NEVER be lucky enough to have that much time to myself. I hope you enjoy every moment!!

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Kelly - cleaning is SO not in the plan. LOL I thought I could catch a movie, but there's no early matinees ... We'll see Smile

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pedicure (and/or manicure...but I don't get those...they get ruined too fast!)

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oh and sleep Lol

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Honestly? I would be BORED BORED BORED. I hate when Jamie goes somewhere for that long lol. I would probably turn on loud music and scrap. Take a long long long shower and not worry about being interrupted and then spend the rest of the time wishing it was time for him to come home. lol

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I would so get a manicure!!! And catch up on some tv and.... and... the possibilites are endless! LOL!

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You'd be bored Angie?!?!? OMG, me never! I can't imagine having 7 hours to myself! I'd take a looooong, hot bath with a book, followed by atleast 4 hours of scrapbooking and a long nap. Smile

ETA, I should say I'd clean a closet or two, but I know I wouldn't. Wink

Have fun girl! So jealous!

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Definitely a long hot bath with a good book. A few hours of scrapbooking, do some sewing projects. If the weather is good, take a dog or 2 for a walk (we have 4!).

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I think I would be bored too. I would probably pick Miles up early, LOL.

I would do some cleaning though that doesn't seem to get done as much these days (like the floors!). Or go shopping.

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oh, that sounds like heaven to me!

well, given the way I'm feeling about my house (and clutter) right now, I'd actually take that time and purge purge purge!!!!!!

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I'd say I'd be ecstatic and sleep, clean, etc....but I think I"d be with Angie and so miss my littles that I'd be so out of sorts. I dont' know really. Hard to say since it's been soooo long siince I've had that. Smile I am sure you will make the best use of every minute though.

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It's always so different when you don't have the kids around... you're still in mommy mode lol. or at least i am.

i would say sleep in or take a nap for sure, take the time to enjoy a shower and not rush it, definitely scrapping as you said. Cleaning no that can wait this is rare mommy time. Do some shopping, without having to drag kiddos along. i would prob do some reading and photo editing too.

Enjoy your time no matter what you choose to do.

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Um, let's see....I would go get my haircut, manicure (since I've never had one), and go home and read. I wouldn't clean! (well, yes I probably would, but I would like to say I wouldn't!)

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Honestly I would probably curl up with a good book for a little bit, sleep a little bit, take a really LONG and hot shower without screaming from the other room and also probably cook something ( i enjoy cooking) and enjoy a nice lunch.

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Watch what I want to watch and sew or scrap.

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Yep, I'd actually be bored. It's silly, but true. Jamie went to my SIL's house for the night about 2 weeks ago. She picked him up around 6 pm and I was ANXIOUS to go get him by 8 am. I hate him being gone so much. Instead of scrapping or enjoying myself, I went to bed early and got up early, ready to go get him. I am going to have a hard time when he goes to school. lol.