what would you make with this? (OT)

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what would you make with this? (OT)

I got this fabric from freecycle yesterday. Wink It's about 2 yards. I washed it because who knows where it has been - the dryer was full of lint from it!!! Jordan thinks it's so cool. I think it's too busy to use as a photo prop. I'd love to make something for all of the kids to enjoy, but we certainly don't need yet another pillow. Any ideas?

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I am typically, just a lurker, but I had to post my idea. What about a super hero cape, that both boys and girls could use. It could be a super hero of the jungle cape. Just a though. Have fun making something!!! Smile

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how about some rice-filled bean baggie things they could play bean bag toss with?

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Bags- like those cloth grocery store bags. My kids ADORE having tons of bags around and they're super easy to make.

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Nothing more to add, as they've given good ideas but that's really cool! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Smile

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Sinc Ms. J thinks its cool, a throw for her bed.