What are you doing for Easter? (OT)

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What are you doing for Easter? (OT)

Just out of curiosity.

We are doing Easter morning at our house. We don't have my stepsons this year which makes Easter much cheaper, so Patrick will get a whole lot of candy.
My MIL and Grandma in law, MIGHT be coming over, depending on MIL's back for Brunch, then around 11:30 DH and Patrick and I will head over to my moms for lots of ham and eggs and the very fun easter egg hunt.

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Honestly it all depends on whether or not I've had the baby. We are thinking Alex might be here next weekend so hopefully we will be home. My plan would be to do Easter baskets in the morning with T.J. , then church, then lunch, then baskets at my MIL's.

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We wake up and everyone has to put bunny ears on to head out to the easter egg hunt at the park. They also have the Easter bunny there to take pics with. I can't wait cause it is Damien's first Easter! Then to my sisters for a family lunch with my huge family Smile

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We'll be going to Gigi's house for an Easter dinner, followed by letting Kayson and his "cousin" Rori hunt for eggs. Then we are going to be doing something new this year. Gigi is making them "nests" (out of twigs and branches) and we'll be putting little Easter presents in them from the Easter Bunny. Smile Can't wait!

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Joshua is with his father this weekend.. but I will probably still do an easter egg hunt and give him some chocolate bunnies. and some small little gifts...

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It's sooo hard being away from family on holidays. Sad We used to have a big Easter celebration with all my family coming to my house for egg hunting and dinner and now it's just us. Sad We have nothing planned...I still have to shop for their stuff.

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Going to my mom's for turkey or ham, not sure which yet. We'll do a basket for Kaitlyn in the morning - haven't got it yet, need to do that!

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The weekend before we are having and egg hunt and BBQ at my house for my mom's group.
The day before there is a huge egg hunt at a local farm. I'm told it is awesome.
The day of Easter we have an egg hunt at church and church itself.

I'm not postive that we will do all of the hunts, but definately the one at my house Wink

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We'll do the meal at my in-laws. My mom will be there. Not sure about SIL and her family, but it's leaning towards no. We will do a basket for Karl and I'm sure both grandmas will to.

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Going to my grandparent's house for dinner and the kids do a hunt. Obviously Miles is too little, but the Bunny will come to our house for him. Wink I am DREADING Easter. Miles is very very shy these days and screams any time somebody besides mommy or daddy is holding him. Should be interesting!