What are your little ones going to be? OT

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What are your little ones going to be? OT

Since it's been a little dead around here...and so busy in our day to day lives. I figured I would just start a little chat thread to see what our cute little ones are going to be for halloween.

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I know I am hardly ever on here, b/c I can't find time to scrap anymore, but I'll post!

Ruthie wants to be a ballerina....imagine that! She dresses up like one all the time. I tried to get her to be something different, but she doesn't want to.
Randy will be a rodeo clown! I thought that would be fun, easy, and different.

Growing up, my mom wouldn't buy us costumes, we had to make them and come up with different things. I guess I take after her, b/c we have yet to buy a costume!

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Mason is going to be a dragon. It is a hand me down costume from my nephew from last year.

So we are planning on DH and I being a princess and a knight to go along with him being a dragon.

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Miles is going to be a monkey. I found it at a garage sale earlier this year and couldn't pass it up! (Oh, and he likes monkeys!)

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I haven't posted here as I haven't scrapped in months! Yuck. Just focusing on getting my self healthy right now. Anyways, Kayley is going to be a Southern Belle. She just cracks my up! I totally thought she was going to be a princess or something Disney related, but she picked the Southern Belle. Its just adorable on her! Can't wait to see everyone's kiddos all dressed up!

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Cute, cute! I love halloween! Not sure yet what they will be. Gonna take a trip to the store in a few weeks and let them pick.

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Andrew wants to be Woody so I'm making him that costume, and he already has the jeans, and i'll buy the badge, hat and holster of course.

Cate I believe is either going to be tinkerbell or if it's too cold she'll be Piglet. that's what i'm thinking for now anyway.

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Andrea wants a princess party for her birthday (week before Halloween) so she will be a princess for Halloween too Smile

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I had the idea for a pirate costume (have a lot of stuff just need to be a few accessories) last year...but then MIL bought him a dog costume.

so, this year he will be a pirate. I found a foam sword in Target's dollar section, and in their halloween section I found a pirate hat. He will wear khakis and a white dress shirt. I just need a red piece of fabric or similar to tie around his waist for a sash type thing. Might use some makeup to paint on a beard or something.

he cracked me up b/c he was riding around Target in the cart, with the pirate hat on, going "arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

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Jack is obsessed with Mickey so I found a Mickey costume on ebay. It is supposed to be 9-12 months, but it is huge! Hopefully he will fit in it. His first birthday is 2 days before halloween and we will be having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party. It will be a Mickey filled weekend!

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Natalie is going to be a bumblebee - my friend saw the costume at Marshalls over the weekend and grabbed it for Nat to try on. Natalie just loves it so that settles her. Jordan is going to be a candy corn witch (sounds funny, I guess, but it's a witch with candy corn striped tights and hat). Jack will probably be a dog because I already have the costume ... but I'd love for him to be Superman. I think we have a secondhand Superman costume in the dress up box but no cape. I might make him a cape so he can be that. And I have no idea what Andrew will be.

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I haven't been around much...no time to scrap! But I thought I would check in with you gals Smile

Wyatt is going to be Bamm Bamm Smile I found a really cute pattern and I am going to make it myself (fingers crossed!!) I can't wait to see everyone's LOs all cute and dressed up!

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Xavier informed me he wants to be a Spider...but not a scarey one! So I have been scoping out Ebay trying to find the perfect one...at the perfect price. Smile There is this one that is so neat and it looks so real...but it is $125.00!!!

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X is gonna be a Frog Prince!!! im too excited to see him all dressed up!!

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I come over all the time but haven't scrapbooked in ages Sad

Noah is going to be a monkey and Bella is going to be a butterfly

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Caleb is going to be Pharaoh. Anna is going to be a pilgrim/puritan. Katie is going to be Raggety Ann. Josiah is going to be Thing Number 2 (with my Goddaughter being Thing Number 1. I'm still toying with if I'll wear a Cat in the Hat hat or not.)

I chose the youngest two outfits, but the older two chose theirs.