What's better than a nasty cold?

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What's better than a nasty cold?

Apparently a nasty eye infection.

*sigh* So that makes 3 now ... times 2 .... (bad things). Waiting for my 'good' 3 things to start.

I've only worked 1 full day this week, I've been so sick with a cold, I've been in bed most of the time. And yesterday my eye hurt so bad. This morning I woke up and couldn't open my eye for the amount of 'sleep' in it. Then by the time I got to work I looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame, my eye was drooping and hurting so bad. Turns out it's a bad eye infection, I'm on anti-biotic eyedrops and oral anti-biotics.

Sorry for the vent, just having a bad day!

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Oh no! Sad I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you're feeling better and fast! How miserable.

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:bigarmhug:Oh geez! I had my "set of threes" yesterday...... :/ No fun for sure!!

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:bigarmhug: That sucks! Sad

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:bigarmhug: Hope you are up and at em soon Trina!

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That stinks Trina, I hope you are feeling better soon. My cubby partner teacher kept getting eye infections like that. She had them like 7-8 times this school year and her poor eye looked awful. I can only imagine how much that would hurt. Hopefully your meds will kick in soon!

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thats horrible! i hope it you get better soon!