whats the big deal? old fashion to digital?

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whats the big deal? old fashion to digital?

Okay im a bit old fashion when it comes to scrap booking i guess.. but i just dont understand how the digital can be so much better then the old fashion way? I havent tried digital though.
How come u prefer digital over the old fashion way!? Smile
Im jw! Biggrin

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i like digital a lot better than paper scrapping because there is no mess!! i'm also more organized on the computer than with papers/supplies! i have an 18 month old and it's much easier to hop on the computer and create a page and leave it if i have to, rather than get all the paper supplies out, have them where she can get them, get interrupted and have to pack it all up, etc... Smile

that's just me though Smile

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I tried digital and it wans't for me, I really love paper scrapping. I guess I can see how digital is better than paper just because you don't have all the supplies to buy.

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I enjoy digital and paper. I find digital easier to make one page within an hour or two, and paper it takes me at least a few days on each. Another thing with digital, you can reuse your elements as much as you want, you can use 'undo,' you can scale things bigger or smaller as you desire, you can change the color of anything you have, your text will automatically be straight, etc. etc. Wink And going back to paper from digital, I keep wanting to do these things, and of course you can in some way, but it's a completely different ball game.

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I know my scrap book for hollyann (Old fashion kind Wink ) took me like my whole pregnancy and i still have yet another scrap book to buy hollyann for her 1st bday pics... :oops: yes im slacking! Lol.

one of her crap books are on the table that is her baby one with ultra sound pix and hospital stuff and baby pics

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Im not sure if i could get into the digital.... but like what programs have you ladies used for digital...im some- what interested. Smile

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I am old fashioned as well. I am doing digital, but I think paper allows me to be more creative. I am using Microsoft Picture It. It does just fine for me. I can't do all the creative things to the pictures like I can with PSP, but that's fine. My DH perfers me to do paper b/c he thinks it's more creative as well.

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I'm using Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9 (new version of Picture It) I've used Scrapbook Factory Deluxe as well.

I like that it is cheaper for me to digitally scrapbook and much cleaner. I can do so much more without going out and buying specialty tools, etc. I get my "papers" for free, etc.

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Well I have only done one page LOL but I agree - there is no mess and you can change your mind a lot, and I just love the look of them.
But I am still having trouble with photo sizing in relation to the scrapbook size. For some reason my photos seemed too small on my scrapbook page in PSP. I am having a lazy day in my PJs because the kids aren't feeling well, they have mild colds with runny nose/ slight cough. So I am going to tinker some more with digital today!

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Heres my little list of why I like digital better (courtesy of DSP) Smile

No Mess - all of your supplies are on your computer or CDs. No need to spend tons of time getting supplies out just to have to put them away again! And if you have to leave in the middle of a project, just hit save and walk away!
The Undo Button - anything you do can be undone. No ruined photos or products.

No Waste - all items are reusable and easily recolored.
Photo Manipulation - you can crop your photos, change the colors, turn them black and white, tint them. There are so many things you can do to your photos to help make them stand out in your layouts. No need to go to the photo lab to get a photo blown up and no more cropping mistakes!
Multiple Copies - you can create multiple copies of pages and albums for friends and family without having to make the same page over and over again. Just hit print!
Preservation - All photos, pages, and albums can be digitally preserved on CDs in multiple locations. If something were to happen to your home or your scrapbooks, you can easily just reprint.
Time - digital scrapping can take less time by using pre-made supplies and pages. These are great for professionals or mom's without a lot of time.
Different Styles - paper scrapping encompasses many different styles. So does digital scrapping. There are even styles within digital scrapping that can not be recreated on paper. Such as the photo montage.
Sharing your Scrapbook - there are more ways to share your scrapbook pages than just in an album. Scrapping digitally makes it easier to share your pages with friend and family through email, on the web, or in slideshows.

I even send every page I make to my mom, so does my sister. Mom prints out all our pages and puts them in her "grandkids" book and she has a great scrapbook of all her grandkids without having to do any work (other than picking up printed pages and costco lol)

Heres an article that I found helpful when I first started digi scrapping:


I still use paper every once in a while, for cards or more simple projects. I've even made a few hybrid projects that were really fun!

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I've been a paper scrapper for a few years and I really really love paper scrapping. I'm doing digital now because I really want to scrap but have no money for materials and printing pictures. This way I still get to scrap but I can wait to get pages printed until I have the money to do so. Smile I do like digital, but I don't necessarily feel tremendously creative while I'm doing it.

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Do you have to purchase a specific program to do the digi scrappin?

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"spottedjagiwar" wrote:

Do you have to purchase a specific program to do the digi scrappin?

nope! lots of times you'll already have a program on your computer that you can use. Like Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Digital Image Pro etc. If you don't have a program like that, there are a few that are fairly inexpensive to purchase like Photoshop Elements or one of the scrapbooking specific programs like scrapbook factory.

Zene you should totally come over to the digi side, you know you want to > hehe Wink

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I love looking at all the digital pages, but call me old fashioned-- I'm sticking to paper. It's just something I really enjoy doing. Cutting out papers, glue, the whole "nine-yards". Smile It's something I can do without being on the computer, which is where I spend so much of my other free time anyways. And some girlfriends and I always scrap together and I really cherish that time, because it's fun to get together with other mommies and let the babies play while we scrap. I guess that totally didn't answer your question. I guess both ways are great...just depends on the person.