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What's Cooking LO

More recent pics. I'm woefully behind on Caleigh's first year and yet here I am scrapping pics from a few days ago!

Kit: Ruby Rynne Recipe Book (seemed fitting!)

Journaling: Cookies! Caleigh helped mommy in the kitchen for the first time. We made peanut butter cookies. You helped press the criss-crosses onto the cookies. And we enjoyed a tasty treat of warm cookies when we were done. October 2009.

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So cute. Love those picture mats. Adorable.

I think it is perfectly okay to scrap recent pics. My personal goal is to keep up with current pictures and gradually go back and finish Andrea's first year.

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I scrap out of order on purpose - that way I'm never 'behind' lol. Great page, I really love the strip of color on the one side, every time I try that I can't get it to work. Love the string on the one photo too, really brings it out!

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Nice page!! I love the color combo! It reminds me of a sock monkey. Smile There's nothing wrong with scrapping more recent pics.. i do it sometimes. The way I rationalize it is that if I am really in the mood to scrap something that just happened, I'll be more motivated and happier. Nothing like scrapping pictures that you aren't totally into at that moment. So I say, scrap whatever motivates you at the moment and just face the fact that we'll never "catch up." Lol

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Love the title...this layout is very cute!

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Love the LO!

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This is adorable!!! The colors are great and I love the edging of the pics...very neat. TFS

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Love the cooking LO! I have just recently started scrapping out of order. I realized that sometimes I have great ideas for LO's for pictures as they are being taken, so I am trying to run with my ideas. Now if I just had more time and energy to scrap. Wink