whats with the spam?

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whats with the spam?

I am so sick of it, and it only seems to be on this board. grrr.... just what I wanted by kids to see while sitting on my lap, porn!

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Sad Sorry. I have no idea why this is affecting the site more except that as we have grown I suppose we make a greater target? It isn't just this board... or site -- as there is an increase showing up throughout the 'net on "normal" sites.

To avoid being *surprised* by porn (which I DO understand the concern as I have my own children working by my side as well) -- pay attention to the titles. Most of them are pretty *obvious* of what they contain. Another clue is if you do not recognize the poster's name, click on their profile (by clicking on the username instead of the thread itself.) If they have a very low post count (5 or under normally) you may want to avoid opening the thread.

Also -- PLEASE DO NOT CLICK on ANY links or videos that are posted by spammers either here or elsewhere offsite. Many times they do contain spyware or viruses that make their way on your computer. If you have done so, please be sure to run an anti-spyware and anti-virus program on your computer AFTER emptying your cache/temp internet files. You may want to download the free trial version of Window Washer from http://www.webroot.com. Good anti-spyware programs are available for free include Ad-Aware, Spybot... or the free trial of SpySweeper (again from Webroot.) A good anti-virus program for free is AVG -- from http://www.grisoft.com

My assistants and I are working hard to stay on top of this and remove anything inappropriate as quickly as possible. We will have hosts on the board as well that can also help move. If at anytime you do find something like this please send to our attention immediately. You can reach me at [email]missyj@pregnancy.org[/email].

Thanks. My hope is that the less views we can give them the faster they will become bored and know that it is NOT going to remain on our site to drive them traffic.


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Thanks Missy

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Thank you Missy!

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Thanks Missy.

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thanks Missy--as always you rock Wink