what's wrong with this picture?

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what's wrong with this picture?

I was rocking Jack before bed, and listening to my older three play "monster" in Andrew's room ... and I started thinking ... on any day that I have it tentatively marked down on my list to scrapbook, I'm always longing for the minutes that my kids are at school and younger two are napping, or rushing through bedtime just to get that time to scrapbook. and what am I scrapbooking? those same kids! I just wonder about it sometimes, am I focusing on the wrong things? sometimes I just want them to let me scrapbook, and I want to ignore their needs. what's up with that? guess I'm just feeling some guilt for wanting time to just be with myself to try to create something. I just find it ironic that what I'm working on is all about those people I'm trying to shake off. ROFL

but seriously, is anyone else like that? do you long for the quiet time away from everyone in your family just to scrapbook? or do you truly enjoy the time with them, and you scrapbook when it makes sense for the whole family?

don't get me wrong, scrapbooking almost always takes a backseat here. I just get resentful every so often (and it's not that often, but it happens) when I can't seem to get quality time.

they're all asleep right now, and DH isn't home. I'm RUNNING to my scrapbook corner now, look for pages later, I hope. Wink

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Your post makes me Biggrin Gwen. I think you are quite normal. The weekend of the VC I hurt DH's feelings b/c he said something about taking off for MLK and I quickly said no b/c I wanted to just scrap all day!! Oh yeah- and I wanted to do it by myself!!!!

Can't wait to see your work!

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I know exactly what you mean! I usually end up scrapping in spurts. I will go to a crop and scrap a whole bunch, but I can't find the time to fit it in every day (many times I don't get even one layout done in a whole week!). I used to get all panicked about it, thinking about how behind I am getting in the kids' scrapbooks, but then I remind myself that I would much rather spend time playing with them while they are little and want to play with me! Lol I can always catch up on scrapbooking a little at a time whenever I can. I try to scribble stuff down in a little notebook (cute little stories or whatever) so that I don't forget things when I finally get around to journaling. Sorry I am rambling! Just wanted you to know that I get exactly what you are talking about! And don't feel guilty - we all need some time to ourselves, and if you like to scrapbook during that time there's nothing wrong with that!

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This very thing happened to me during the crop!! I was so annoyed because Kayson was right in my face and all I wanted to do was finish the dang layout of him. Lol I thought to myself "wait, this is FOR him and because of him". So I took a little time out and played with him. I think it's completely normal. LOL, funny though huh!? I think scrapbooking is also therapeutic to me, so I consider it "me" time, so sometimes I just want to be left alone and let my creativity flow. When I get interrupted a million times a page, it's really hard for me to throw it together.

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This happens to me all the time. Tonight I was trying to take photos of my grandparents album and load them up on here and Patrick was all over me just wanting to cuddle and I couldn't wait to get him to bed, then it hit me, he's not going to be a baby forever and he wants to cuddle and I'm more concerned about scrapping? What kind of mom am I? I got off the computer and went and cuddled with him.

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I totally know what you mean ... it's for them, and they sometimes get in the way lol. But it's also for us, our time to relax and do something we enjoy - and mommies are better mommies when they have some me time Smile

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

I totally know what you mean ... it's for them, and they sometimes get in the way lol. But it's also for us, our time to relax and do something we enjoy - and mommies are better mommies when they have some me time Smile

you said that so well!

okay, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I did just ask DH for some time this weekend for him to keep the kids out of that room for a couple of hours. cause when I only work at night, I just don't have the energy to be creative. need some day time hours too. Wink

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I think you are completely normal Gwen. For me it's computer time too, like feeling guilty that I spend too much time on it. I think we just feel guilty no matter what or how we do things with our kids...it's what mommies do.

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I really know what you mean. Yesterday I told all my kids to be Quiet cause I heard a strange noise in the new house. They kept trying to hear it when really I never heard a thing I just needed some quiet time! lol
Then I wanted a break from all the moving and kids running around with no computer or tv hooked up yet so I went to the bathroom for a LONG time. I think dh thought something was wrong with me or something but I just sat there to relax for a minute with my little sketch book, I never even had to go:)
My kids are still trying to listen for this noise I made up. lol

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Well if it isn't normal to feel that way...then there are a lot of abnormal Mommies on this board! LOL! I have those same moments...and I only have one little one running around. Well I guess I have several with the daycare kids. But yeah sometimes I just want him to fall asleep earlier enough for me to work at night before I go to bed. But then I too realize he is only little once and I better enjoy it...which is most likely why I am content at the moment to let him fall asleep in our bed! What is more enjoyable than snuggling a sleeping cozy toddler! Smile

Yesterday I told all my kids to be Quiet cause I heard a strange noise in the new house. They kept trying to hear it when really I never heard a thing I just needed some quiet time!

I am so going to have to try this during the day when the daycare kids are getting to rowdy and I can't settle them down! LOL!

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Lol I think you summed it up well. I feel bad on the days where all I want is Andrea to take a longer nap or DH to work longer so that I can scrap more "memory" pages. Sometimes it seems as though I'm so obsessed with scrapping the memories that I'm forgetting to make them, but that is only sometimes and all need time for ourselves, right?

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I feel the same way! But really, even though most of my scrapbooking is about my kid I really do it purely for me. I love the creativity, I love the quiet time I get to do it, I love looking through the finished products. Yes, I am glad I will be able to pass down these albums but for me that is really secondary.

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Oh Gwen, I'm just like you! I'm always looking forward to that couple of hours nap that Tyler will take just so I can have some peace and quiet, relax and scrapbook! LOL It's so normal to want some personal time. And yes, all I practically scrapbook is Tyler! LOL

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I feel this same way. I'm so busy trying to get everything done, that I find myself frustrated with Karl for not making my life easier (yeah at 20 mo. that's going to happen:)) I think that's been why I've been in a funk since the VC. Kevin was home, so I didn't feel bad about neglecting him or Karl, because I know they need father son time too. I see how fast Karl is growing and it makes me sad. Yeah soon they'll be all gone whether we like it or not:(