What's your motivation?

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What's your motivation?

I have only done a total of maybe 20 paper scrapbooking pages for my family, and I haven't done any digital! I like to make stuff for other people and that's what I spend most of time doing. I try to sit down and scrap for my family, but my imagination just shuts down. So I am wondering what everyone else does to get themselves going. Thanks for the help!

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I'm still stuck downloading... I'll let you know when I do another page. Smile

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There are many times where I just have to take a break from it all b/c I just can't think of anything creative. I have always just scrapped, never made anything different. I finally picked up card making, and I made a neat paper bag album.

I find printing off new photos gets me in the mood to scrap. Although I have plenty of pics to scrap, there are always a few that I really want to make a page out of, and then I pick up the older photos and scrap those.

Sometimes, you just have to take a break. Have you tried looking up different layouts online. That inspires me a lot! HTH! Biggrin

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Just going to the store and looking around inspires me, but then I end up spending an insane amount. My best inspiration is my pictures. I look at what I have and what they have in common and go for it.

Like this one, not one of these pictures were taken on the same night but he's wearing the same pj's and I suddenly saw three very different moods.

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I have not been feeling very creative lately. I finished DD's 1st year book and i've stopped digi scrapping. I guess not getting them printed is a downer for me. I'm sure as soon as I do get a chance to get them printed I will have more inspiration.I get inspiration by looking at my photos and my family and looking at other people's LO's. Smile I love what some people come up with and I try to do it on my own! Right now I guess I am sorta taking a break but I just came up with a really neat present for my mom. So i might get started on that soon.

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My motivation is HAVING the pictures. I place pics in the scrapbooks and pull them out when I'm ready to scrap them. If I run out, I'm screwed! LOL

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I'm not really sure. I'm motivated to get them done.... Lol I really like seeing the end result, I dislike starting... I don't think I have an answer for your question.

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Usually Gwen motivates me LOL...but mostly if there is a certain picture that I really-really like that will get me thinking..;)

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I set goals, usually special occassions. I focus mainly on my son's album that I hope to have finished by his birthday. He will be 2 in May and I have about 15 layouts to do! I did the same thing last year and finished the day before his birthday party. As far as doing ones of me and DH, I am thinking our anniversary which is in July. Then I go by favorite pics or moments.

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I am with Sadie, I have to take a break sometimes. If I feel like I am getting into a rut and just keep doing the same thing over and over, I know its time to take a break for a few days. Like I have been gone for a week and I am ready to go now, I have so many new ideas for pages that I have had to write them down! It helps to give your brain a little break. Biggrin

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my girls motivate me everyday! I don't want to miss a moment of anything they do so I'm always taking pictures of them and can ALWAYS find a way to scrap them

but I do like to look on line in gallerys and in magazines for ideas