when you start a page...

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when you start a page...

do you start with the picture... the background... the frame?? which order do you scrapbook in?

i keep trying to start a page.. have the picture in mind that i want to use.. but then i'm stuck... what is the next thing i should do?!


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I'm really new at this, so this is a great question.

So far, I always start with the background (although sometimes I end up changing it).

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First I start with the pictures. I have to figure out what theme I am going for before I pick a background.

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It all depends on what sort of page I am doing. I usually start with the pictures and then pick the background. I do end up changing the background occasionally, though, if it doesn't work well with my elements.

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I try to pick the pictures out first and then the paper to go along with the colors/theme of the pictures.

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I also start with the picture but will open a background first and fiddle around with some elements before I add the photo then I'll work on fine tuning and shuffling stuff around.

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I usually start with a picture first too. Sometimes I will choose a frame and some elements I want to use and then go find a paper to fit, but mostly I will pick a background paper first and then the elements.

Of course it is not uncommon for me to change the background paper halfway into the project or even change the whole theme. That is why I love digi scrapping.

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I pick out the pic first and then I find the background papers. then I usually find a sketch or create a sketch of I want to try to build from.

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I start with the pictures. Then I look at my other supplies and coordinate with the pics.

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Sketches can be a really great way to get a layout moving. If you're stuck try looking at some sketches to see if you get any ideas. There have been a few times when I have a pic chosen then decide to look at some sketches and end up choosing a different photo to suit the layout of the sketch.... did that make any sense?

The only time I won't start with the photo is if I just downloaded a really nice or new kit and am stoled to use it... in that situation I already know pretty much what I am going to use and will look for the perfect photo/s.

I can't imagine how paper scrappers do it. I change my mind so often I would have a pile of little teeny scraps of paper and no big ones left for backgrounds. I'm frequently changing papers, brads etc... and would be sure to kill many a nice paper. Wink That and I LOVE how I can take some element or paper I really like and change the colour to match the layout perfectly. There are some really hideous colours out there that can be changed and you end up with something really nice. It's also a great way to use a set/kit for lots of photos on different pages and give ach page a slightly different feel.

oh geez I am babbling again :oops: Dee knows all about my babbling Wink