Whew, I have been busy - 4 new LOs (pic heavy)

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Whew, I have been busy - 4 new LOs (pic heavy)

I have been cranking them out kind of fast so I decided not to post them just 2 by 2 anymore unless I slow back down. I am just trying to take advantage of my maternity leave and all the nursing/sleeping that Kaelan is doing. So far so good.

LO #1:
Journaling has yet to be filled in because I lost my brown marker Sad

and some detail shots

LO #2:

LO #3:

LO #4:
This one I had already posted half of but I decided to make it a double LO after all so I am reposting it.

detail shots (this LO took forever, so much detailed cutting)

TFL and wading through all the pics :D, I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!

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Wow Andrea! Great job girl. Love that first double LO. That paper is so neat and the lettering is cool and the flowers...really neat! And the pics just make it all the better, what a cutie he is!! Your pages remind me of my first born's first year book. Awww....TFS

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you have been busy!! Biggrin they all look great! i love the 1st one!

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Great stuff! You've really outdone yourself with that first one. I love everything about it:D

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Awesome layouts! The googly eye one is my fav!!!

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Those are fantastic pages! I love the first ones with the bees. They are so cute with their googly eyes. Wink

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So cute! I love your use of stickles on these layouts! I'm so impressed with how much you are getting done with a newborn. YAY you! I really love the design of the second layout with the blocking! GREAT job!

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you are really cranking these out! good for you for taking advantage of your maternity leave. Smile I LOVE the googly eyes layout, that's awesome! but they're all really great. love that you made the last one a double layout, cause I really liked it the first time. Smile

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Wow, you've been busy! Great job on all of them - really love how you did the googly eyes picture!

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Great pages! My favorites are the first and last. I love that you captured his "googly eyes" and the last one is such pretty colors!

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