Whew! We've survived the first few weeks of school (XP, pic hvy)

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Whew! We've survived the first few weeks of school (XP, pic hvy)

So, we're into week 3 of school here and I'm finally coming up for air, so to speak. It's been a busy busy time!

The girls have adjusted to 5 day/ week daycare (from 2 days/ week this summer) pretty well. Scout still says, "I don't want to go to daycare, " at least once a week, but I think that has to do with a Caillou episode where he says he doesn't want to go. She's copying way to much from him... we're phasing him out. He whines too much. Lol! Things were running pretty smoothly and we decided to visit some friends who live about 3 hours away from us for Labor Day weekend. We drove down Fri after work and got there around 10. Both girls woke up, changed diapers and into pajamas and went to bed. Dylan coughed 3 times. She hadn't been sick in the slightest. No fever, no runny nose... no hint of what happened later. About 2AM she woke up crying. I thought it was because she was in a strange place and was going to let her CIO for a bit when I heard the barking cough... and the gasps for air. I jumped up and got her. It really seemed to me like the asthma attacks my brother used to have when we were little. She still wasn't stuffy and it didn't sound like there was any actual congestion at all. DH and I woke our friends to let them know that we were taking D to the ER. To make a very long story short, they diagnosed croup (she didn't show all of the signs, but some) and gave her oral steroids and a breathing treatment. After a few hours she was doing much better and we went back to our friends' house.

Here she is in the ER

After an hour or two of sleep, Scout woke us up (she hadn't woken up at all while we were gone!). We had a lazy morning, and by the afternoon she was doing well enough to go play at a park. We had a picnic and a great time - until Scout slid down the slide before I could get positioned to catch her. She's such a daredevil! Well, there was about 2 feet between the end of the slide and the ground and Scout face-planted. Sad We're pretty sure she broke her nose.

Is it horrible that we didn't go back to the ER? I knew that all they would do is X-Ray, stop the bleeding, and put ice on it. Well, we stopped the bleeding and used ice and she wasn't too terrible upset by it. In fact, she was more upset that we stood her in a shower to get the dried blood out of her nose. Silly girl.

After all of that, we had a lovely weekend. ROFL

We decided to cut our trip short and came home Saturday night. Sunday afternoon we went to Noa's house and played in her yard while her daddy and DH put up new baseboards and a chair rail.

Then, Monday, we decided to go up to DH's school and take some pictures. He had a big, open stage (since they haven't started building their first set yet) and we put up some practice blocks and some cool (I think) lights in the background. Here are some of the ones I really like

Scout still has a little bruise on her nose but Dylan hasn't coughed at all today, so I'm thinking she's finally over it.

Today I started my new second job... I'm a teacher's assistant for an online school. Smile It's good money for not a ton of work - at least I think it won't be too much work! That's my life right now and why I haven't posted much lately. I hope to be on more often, but we shall see how much time the new job will take up. Smile Miss you gals!

PS - I'm nearly 3 weeks behind on my project 365 pages, but I'll get caught up soon! I've got all of the pictures, it's just a matter of putting them all together.

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crazy times for you! glad Dylan is doing better and it looks like Scout is healing nicely. but what a rough weekend!!! that's neat about the teaching assistant job.

and I don't even want to hear that you're only 3 weeks behind ... I'm 7 months behind!

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OMG Carrie...what a weekend!!! The term when it rains it pours here doesn't even apply. LOL Glad to hear they are both better and you are home safely though. I LOVE those pics, your girls are gettign so big it's crazy!

GL with that new part time job. I have an aunt that teaches online classes for a university in FL and she loves it...especially cause she can move whereever she wants and still have her job

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yikes! what a crazy few weeks you have had! glad to hear the girls are healing up. Scout is looking so much like your DH (i am sure you have heard that one before)

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Woah, what a weekend! Surely trumps my three screaming kids in the middle of the night at my cousin's house and then them noisily waking everyone up at 6:30 a.m. to happily start the day! Good to hear they're both healing well. LOVE that first water pic and the stage looks like a great place for pics. TFS!

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Glad to hear they are both doing better! Love the pics! They are so cute!

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Wow, you had a busy Labor Day weekend!

Andrea is prone to croup, we actually bought a nebulizer because she would have awful attacks and going to the hospital actually made them worse because it made her tense. It is pretty much the same immediate symptoms as athsma attack and I believe same hospital treatment (I could be wrong, my memory from my previous athsma attack is old and fuzzy). Anyway, the attacks are so scary. It breaks my heart every time and I looking at your pictures makes my heart break all over again for you guys!

I can't believe she broke her nose! That will be quite a story to tell when she is older!

Glad school is going well and congrats on the new job Smile