Who prints your pictures?

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Who prints your pictures?

I am going to get pictures printed for Jordan's scrapbook (that I have yet to start, eek!). I've had Walgreens print pictures before but they weren't great. Target was a little better. Do you think Snapfish is the way to go? Any other suggestions?

Thanks. Biggrin

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i get mine through shutterfly, and if you get their prepaid packages, it is pretty reasonable. shipping is where it gets expensive, though... in a pinch I will order my shutterfly pics through target's 1 hour. their 1 hour photo I have had some smudges on once, but otherwise the quality has been good.

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I usually don't get in store prints because many stores only do glossy prints in store (I think Walgreens is one) and I prefer matte finish.

I am signed up for all the photo sites: Snapfish, Shutterfly, SeeHere...those are the ones I can think of right now. Usually I order from where I get a really good deal. Snapfish often will have 50 prints for .50 + shipping. Or 100 prints for $5 shipped. So I always wait for some kind of deal, which happen fairly often and then I order pictures.

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I order from Walgreens when I'm in a pinch, but otherwise I order from snapfish. For professional photo printing I use Mpix. Good luck!

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I really like Mpix, and usually go through there. And when I have taken "Miles' 18 month photos" and his "2 year photos" I always print through Mpix because they have wallets w/rounded corners which I love. Biggrin

Anyways. I have found that I hate printing anywhere locally because I hate waiting in line, then you go to pick up your pictures in an hour and they're not ready, AND they're glossy. I can't stand glossy photos.

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I use Costco for most of my 4x6 prints, they tend to do a great job. I also only use matte finish. For mail order, I've always been happy with Winkflash, but I also like mpix.

CVS is horrible, I've never been happy with their prints (and they only do glossy).

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Oh yeah I forgot that I use mpix for anything larger than 4x6, and if I need wallets for anything I use Mpix.

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I've never heard of Mpix. I love the idea of rounded corners so I'm going to have a look. Thanks for the suggestions!

I saw that Snapfish has a "pick up" option and one of the places is Walgreens. I thought that was strange.

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I love Costco.

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I go with whoever has the best deal at the time. I just ordered 100 from snapfish because they had the deal for $5 shipped. Most of the time walgreens or meijer have them for 10 cents or less a print so I will order through snapfish and pick up in one of those stores. And like other pp, if I want them to look their best for framing or something I use Mpix.