Why I stopped paper scrapping... (7 pics)

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Why I stopped paper scrapping... (7 pics)

This is just for fun.

So this was our version of paper scrapbooking. These were done while we were dating and we were scrapping together, so some of these are his pages.
It is fun to look back through them, but you can see that I'm definately better at the digital scrapping. Lol

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honestly, I think those are really fun pages! I love all of the handwriting and the illustrations. you both really captured some fun times there, and I think those pages are great!

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I totally think they are fun! I really like them ha ha ha ha!

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I think they are awesome! I understand why would like digi more, but I think there is a lot of work and personality in those!

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You know Stephanie, I think those are great! I wouldn't say that if I didn't think so. There is so much of your self in those pages. A friend that I scrapbook with has pages JUST like that and I love her style. It's so personal. Her books are more like picture journals.

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I agree w/ everyone else! I think those pages are great and fun!

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Like everyone else said it shows personality!!! BTW love you xmas tree!!!

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I really like them, and I love the idea of cutting the pics into trees! I think it's really cool that you guys did them together! And really, these pages are way better then ones I was doing at the time!